The Push to Open War by Bad People -We Need to Stop This.

People Don’t Think Hard Enough About What Nuclear War Is And What It Would Mean by Caitlin Johnson Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ There’s a John Mearsheimer video clip from 2016 that’s going viral on Twitter right now, as old John Mearsheimer clips tend to do in the year 2022 when his […]

Get Real, Good People!

The Virus Outrage has run and run. Thousands of people across the world have been killed or injured, with an unknown future ahead for the health of anyone who has submitted to the injectates. As time has passed, the very many people who smell the rot – the evil- that is among us, have formed […]

Naomi Wolf Shows that the Court-Ordered Release of Internal Pfizer Documents Prove that Pfizer is a Criminal Organization that knowingly murdered people Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide It’s Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies Dr Naomi Wolf I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me. The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to […]

Dr David Martin’s Prosecution Drive

This is a transcript of a Zoom presentation by David Martin. A readers here know, I have been calling for prosecutions ever since it became clear that serrious harm from the jabs was forseeable. Now it begins…. TRANSCRIPT (copyright “For those not familiar with the work, you can go to and…you will see the Utah Federal […]


The WEF of Klaus Schwab, guarded by their private police and 5,000 Swiss military with a no-fly zone overhead, do not want you to know the names of the public figures who betray the trust of those who they are meant to represent by their covert attendance . We may very well observe that were […]