Schwab’s Private Army

The criminal conspiracy to subvert sovereign governments around the world continues with the Davos gathering about to take place for the first time since the outrage began. The evil that hides in plain view is now so brazen and so beloved that it will be guarded by 5,000 Swiss army personnel and the Swiss airforce […]

This is not a James Bond Movie

It is pretty clear that about 40% of our population is unreachable with rational facts since the advent in 2020 of the global media propaganda drive. We see egregious examples – people whose close family have died after receiving the injectates going off to get the jab themselves. You can tell such people that every […]

Evil is On the March.

The are at least 40% of the population who have been truly hynotised, and there is no reaching them with the truth; I have long been afraid that was the case, and the experts advising Reiner Fuellmich confirm this. Without a major sudden trauma that is not likely to change. That trauma is certain I […]