How Little We Know.

If the last two years have taught me anything at all it is how little we all know of what drives events across the planet. The only simple truth that has become clear to me is that a struggle is afoot between good and evil – a truly Manichean confrontation that is going to move […]

“Very Strong Evidence for a Causal Relationship’ between the Vaccinations and a Huge number of Excess Deaths” Sturgeon’s crimes are coming in to roost.

Edinburgh professor claims latest data confirms ‘causal relationship’, as he calls for the Scottish government to re-open public inquiry. Edinburgh professor Richard Ennos says official data for 2021 and 2022 ‘provide very strong evidence for a causal relationship’ between the vaccinations and a huge number of excess deaths in the country, wrote Graham Crawford in […]

“The nation into which I was born does not exist except as a geographical location.”

It Is Only a Nano-second to Armageddon Paul Craig Roberts The U.S. Government’s “Nuclear Primacy” meta-strategy says that there are “acceptable” levels of destruction of America in a nuclear war against Russia and/or China, so long as America “comes out on top” globally, at the end. Brian Berletic walks us through the Rand Corporation’s plan for the […]

Judgement – Can an Ordinary Person Use It? One of the most important pieces of propaganda tactics since the outset of the Great Fraud has been the strident proposition that unless you have endless scientific letters after your name you are incapable of making any judgment on the matters of the virus and its associated narratives, let alone the filth of the […]

The Russian Perspective.

By Paul Craig Roberts and guest contributors 11 July 2022 Putin: “The West Has Already Lost” “The West, which once proclaimed the principles of democracy such as freedom of speech, pluralism and respect for other opinions, is now degenerating into the exact opposite – totalitarianism. These include censorship, media closures and arbitrary treatment of journalists […]

Hard words and Truth

Dr Paul Craig Roberts is a very distinguished American – see the About tab on his website – for over a decade one of the most influential writers in the new media. Here he passionately sets the scene for US domestic dismemberment. In other writing his insights on the Ukraine tragi-farce are among the very […]

Cleaving the Globe.

Massive Implications, Saudi Arabia in Discussion to Join BRICS Coalition – The Outcome Would be Global Energy and Economic Cleaving July 2, 2022 Published originally by The Conservative Treehouse It is very curious timing in this article from Newsweek, containing massive geopolitical implications, using identified Saudi Arabia sources, would come in advance of Joe Biden’s […]