A Fellow Traveller

Dr Vernon Coleman

One consequence of Truth having become a hunted animal is that seekers after it can no longer rely on global media sources. These have become so corrupted by propaganda of the New Axis that, despite the few honourable efforts of some professional journalists, it has become necessary to look elsewhere. And thus we must actively find Truth, for it will not readily be made available. A still small independent network of right information is already developing away from what is still being touted as social media, but which has become the forum for controlled thought.

For those who have not already looked at it, I consider an important leader of this independent movement to be Robert F Kennedy Jnr’s Childrens Health Defence organisation.

It is only the individual’s own judgment of events, based on his own thought having sought facts as diligently as he can, that moves the needle for humanity in these extremely dangerous times.

Today I publish here a clip of Dr Vernon Coleman, who has long been a fellow traveller, with which I can say from my own observations is a very accurate assessment.


Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans