A Personal Reflection for this Moment of Change.

 When I started Blue Tara I observed (hardly a novel thought), that each person must, to remain a sovereign individual, make up their own mind as to the happenings and the nature of things in the world around them.

At that time and since then it has seemed to me and many others that in recent years a very large number had abdicated much of that basic human responsibility in preference for being fed a host of predigested concepts neatly labelled by manipulators various as the thoughts – the beliefs -of the collective – “the community” that non-existent concept. Adoption and parroting of these things confers a warm fuzzy feeling of collective virtue and self righteousness, which is frequently quite the opposite of virtue. The demonisation of people with different beliefs is a key feature of this stupor. The phenomenon has been propagated through western education to a point where it bids fair to split humanity into two – those who think, and those who have given up personal mentation altogether in favour of strident belief in the concepts fed to them.

Such deliberate ignorance is a perfect breeding ground for fear. The globalist Virus fraud took full and deliberate advantage of this. We are now two years into the fiasco, and the reality that the only damage exceeding the influenza the world has experienced annually for centuries has been from the deliberately harmful injectates pressed upon us all by bad people is now starkly clear to anyone who picks up the responsibility of knowledge.

There is much still to clarify.  Exactly who is the enemy? We know many of the leading names of globalism. Are such creatures actually human, are they a different race altogether? Are the globalists united or are they a loose association of cartels old and new? Much brighter people than I believe alien presence underlies all this, and others that we owe this all to the psychopathy of a relatively small number of men and women. Having had the misfortune to have to deal with a couple of psychopaths in my life I am inclined, until I see convincing evidence of aliens, to the psychopath theory. In the immediate term I’m not sure the question signifies greatly; a psychopath is so different from the empath bulk of humanity in any event. That is the reason they get away so often with extreme wickedness – the rest of us cannot imagine someone actually behaving in that way.

There is an “old money” and “new tech money” divide in the enemy. There is a group of pure power freaks and monopolists with a smattering of staring lunacy and refined Nazi eugenicism that seems to overlay the whole, though some of the bankers with their centuries-refined sophistication, so beautifully portrayed in the Simpsons, might reject that!!

The united front the enemy has held since their scrabble for power started in November 2019 is now starting to crumble. Trudeau’s catastrophic actions over the banks and the Emergency Act merely underlined the death throes of the total amateur snafu of the release of a virus that did not work, held together by an increasingly strident and ridiculous noise. The sheep were clearly even more sheepish than reality in these fools’ minds because the toxic nature and results of their injectates were always going to produce fatalities on a scale impossible to conceal. As the life insurance industry sharpens its legal claws the fate of the pharmas is already easy to discern.

The dire fate of the persons driving governments steered into criminality is also now beginning to seem a certainty in the foreseeable future. So precisely, predictably, they have reached for the age-old way to divert attention from the abuse of their people. The spectacle of these horrible creeps arranging military conflict to save their own skins – which of course will be far from the result – is perhaps the most horrible development in the two year saga of cruelty, suffering and death inflicted upon humanity. It is easy to sympathise with those who refuse to see all this.

It would be easy too to think that this high tide of evil will overwhelm us. But that is not what is happening. A great shift is taking place. We are at the outset of a period of war – not exclusively between nations states but at a higher, Manichean, level. And, as so many are observing, the stress of the situation has forced many of us to reflect on the real meaning of our lives in a way that we have not had to do before. Identity politics withers in the searing light of meaning.  

Clif High makes the point that the Japanese idea of personal development through war is one upon which we may reflect with profit, and most of us already know from personal experience that trauma imposes change upon our awareness in a way seldom achieved by will alone. He suggests that we are to expect a decade of such conflict at least; I have no idea, but I can say that the last two years have raised awareness in me and others in a way the previous decade did not.

We will reimagine the way the Earth is governed in the coming decades. I hope that the key to that will be the rise of personal responsibility as the recognised fundamental of society and the consequent effect on how the social infrastructure of humanity is organised. As Robert F Kennedy Jnr well expresses it, we want leadership, but we do not want to be bullied. That will require the very best, rather than as so often now is the dregs, of our people to accept civic responsibility. They will do so with reluctance and from a sense of duty if they are the right people to be chosen. Is that a fantasy? I think not. I doubt if I shall live to see that day come. But come it will, I know.