Joss Wynne-Evans

I am publishing this website simply as an individual concerned human being and as a way to disseminate as much of the truth about what has been happening this year to our planet as I understand.

The sources of information that most of us have come to rely on, the thousands of paid media outlets around the world, have been shown by recent events to be the mouthpieces of the people who are the toxic froth floating on the top of the world’s money pond. We have allowed them to become richer than nations, so we should perhaps not be surprised that their grandiosity now demands our submission to their towering megalomania.

Each person alive must make their own mind up using the intellect they have been given and rising above the fear that our attackers wish to use to stupefy us into meek submission. If anyone disagrees with any of the views expressed here on Blue Tara, that is their prerogative. All I would ask is that they employ their own judgement and not the judgement of others in discriminating thought.

Any feedback or communication may be sent using the form on the Contact page. We do not undertake to reply to mails, but will always review what is sent.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans