An Educated Guess – Mr Global and the PRC

Blue Tara’s core purpose has always been to publish the facts, as we understand them, that have been suppressed by what we still call the media, so speculation here may be thought self-indulgence. But here goes, – this speculation is based on the facts as I understand them.

That Fauci and his American “public health” cohorts were present and investing in dubious areas of virus research for at least the last ten years in China using US funds is established. That a novel virus appeared in Wuhan in the fall of 2019 that emerged from the Wuhan Institute which had Chinese and US team members, and with which the Fauci organisation had intimate connections, seems a good deal more credible than the propaganda story peddled as an alternative. What is certain is that Fauci and others, including our Wellcome Foundation Chair, have since spent a good deal of energy on burner phone efforts to handle their version of events.

Either way the global media terror campaign was launched early 2020 on an entirely unprecedented scale by the media; no dissent was tolerated for the first months of the boogaloo story. And the PRC locked down 50 million people ruthlessly in the Wuhan region, which as the reptile Neil Ferguson pointed out gleefully, made it so much easier for western governments to introduce similar coercive measures. Gates had his teams trotting around th PRC doling out pills. There seemed to be chummy synchrony in the evil afoot.

But as it turned out the novel virus, if it existed, did not thrive in the wild. And suddenly Mr Global was out in the street without his trousers, just as the dire expectations of death on a disastrous scale had created a febrile global terror. That the seasonal flu, ignoring human motions as it always does, had started to travel westwards was the only possible way of finessing what was otherwise a Globalist cock-up of monumental proportions. Had Gate’s 2017 predictions of millions of deaths actually come to pass it does not take much imagination to realise that this coup would have had real credibility and even skeptics would have likely fallen for the trick. As it turned out the situation was made into a pantomime of widespread and brazen misconduct. The creation of artificial crises like the closure of the NHS and the incarceration of the elderly in care homes caused misery and many deaths, but despite that the all-causes deaths in the UK for 2020 were 35th in rank in the previous 50 years.

In the unrolling of these events it is easy to see that Mr Global was severely compromised. But what of the PRC? The Chinese understand the long game and its subtleties. They were closely involved in the Wuhan Institute – it was indeed theirs. I think it a real possibility that they knew very well that the novel virus would fail, and that they would have predicted the two year duck-and-weave by Mr Global that is running into the sand as we watch. A powerful gang of interests bent on world domination would only be of interest if China was a leading part of it. It is not part of that gang, and the racism that is fundamental to the Han view of the world would hardly welcome Mr Schwab or Mr Gates or any others as a partner in such an enterprise. The PRC has watched with quiet satisfaction as the west, rather noisily, is destroying itself at the hands of a loose association of psychopaths and criminals, solemnly aided by fools who fancy themselves public servants and by venal corruption.

For our Chinese friends it has been a win – win -win.