Another Front in the War

We all know that Truth has now been removed as an obligation in public life around the world. That is perceived even by many of those who have fallen into this evil.

But a consequence of that has been a widespread dumping of one of the fundamental cornerstones of civilization, namely the presumption of innocence before proper court or Inquiry.

I am sorry to say that this little niche of Truth is abused not only by the peddlers of injectate poisons, but also by quite a few of those of us opposing them.

That is certainly not to say that when we see evidence of bad things that we should not call it loud. But it does mean that when we call, it should be for action whether prosecution or Inquiry under due process. When due process is summarily dismissed – as the White House did recently when asked about the Hunter Biden accusations – a matter directly involving POTUS, or when we see a young man on trial for murder hung, drawn and quartered by the press before being cleared, we know we are dealing with people without moral compass.

When it comes to truth and due process all is not fair in love or war. Without Truth humanity loses its way and falls into darkness.

That there is now more than ample evidence to prosecute many of the actors in the Virus farce is undoubted, and we should all be telling our justice officers, elected reps and anyone else in positions of any influence to do just that.