Anyone, Anywhere, Injecting Or Causing MRNA Injections from Today is Committing a Serious Crime – Potentially Murder.

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One of the world’s top medical journals in Cardiac and cardio-vascular medicine, Circulation, has stated:

“We conclude that the MRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle, and may account for the observation of increased thrombosis, cardio-myopathy and other vascular events following vaccination.”

For anyone knowingly to treat any person with these injectates is an unconscionable act. The injectates must be withdrawn forthwith and any breaches of that requirement should be considered for prosecution to the greatest extent of the law.

Those who have already tried to suppress this information are also committing a serious crime.

Thanks to Vernon Coleman and The Light for making sure this surfaced. The abstract I have now posted here.