Ask for Prosecutions. Talk Does Nothing With Sociopaths.

There are one or two key tactics of the Beast involved in how we have arrived at this Manichean moment.

One is the exploitation by the enemy of what we call identity politics to switch off the intellectual faculties of millions with specious concepts about that ghoul of Mao and Stalin, the Collective.

And the other is the entrapment of decent, intelligent, generally honest and fair-minded people into what the media likes to call “controlled debate”. This is actually an invitation to debate with those liars, the corrupt media, one of the greatest sinks for human energy and goodwill.

And all the time the identity of hundreds of the murdering parasites we call the Globalists are well known to all of us!

Whereever we are we need to deal with this locally. We all need to clamour for the prosecution of the people in our own countries who have committed murder and misconduct in public office.

We know their names, and they have intimidated or otherwise pressured law enforcement and judiciaries to ignore such demands. But we must press those demands, because if the rule of law is not open to us the old rule of violence is all that remains. That is what our enemies want, so we should make sure that justice is dragged kicking and screamng to its duty.