Ask Yourself This: Defiance or Slavery?


Since the beginning of the implementation of the virus outrage it has become by degrees more and more obvious that not only is this a global fraud as great as any evil perpetrated at any time, but one that has been gestated and carefully prepared for a long time. I have endeavoured to set out here on Blue Tara such information as has come my way which, although not by any means complete, is quite sufficient to demonstrate that Mr Global, the convergent corrupt and criminal interests who have orchestrated the attack, are fully responsible for what has happened.

The sophisticated mass lying that is called propaganda, to which ordinary people have been globally exposed, has been and remains by a long way the most threatening of everything in the arsenal of our attackers, who otherwise frequently exhibit the remarkable stupidity and crassness of those who don’t give a damn in their  motions. Only today I saw an expensive documentary which, naturally, escaped the Google axe on Youtube, that went to great lengths to blame the Chinese for, in effect, an attack on the West with a virus. No mention of Fauci or Gates and no mention of the fact that the “virus” has yet to be proven by real scientific peer-reviewed analysis to exist at all. Why?

Anger with China defocusses from the real enemy within our walls. I myself am able to believe that China worked with the US “Public Health” syndicate led and financed by Fauci to release what they intended to be a lethal pathogen, which turned out not to survive outside the lab. And that, I believe, is why our governments have looked so foolish and heedless – had millions died, this attack would have succeeded a long time ago.

We have only to look at all the pre-November 2019 preparations in many jurisdictions including the US, Italy and the EU, among others, for what was known to be coming, and the hubristic arrogant predictions of it from Gates & Fauci many months before, to know the truth, namely that the leading drivers of these people are liars and killers who intend nothing less than the reduction of humanity to slavery and mass murder, which is already well under way.

I have lived for seventy years and am not, I think, either dim or naïve. I was hoping to have a peaceful old age without having to live through the sort of experience my forbears had to suffer. It seems that experience, for all of us, is now repeating in a particularly revolting way, and has already done much to destroy our way of life and our ancient freedoms. The key to defeating the enemy is to recognise the Beast, and to understand what it is about.

There will be no debate or parley – these creatures are incapable of that. It is time to recognise that to survive we must find our righteous anger and blast the Devil back into the slime, from which it has now slithered into the rays of our sun. I know mankind shall prevail, but I am frightened at the likely cost of the victory that still lies before us.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans