Behold the Virus Cult!

It is not very long since the law was changed in this country to outlaw behaviour involving coercive control. It was a necessary extension of protection for people who come under the influence of ruthless, often narcissistic, sometimes psychopathic people.

Part 1, subsection 2, para 3 of the Domestic Abuse Act 2018, describes the effects that may be visited by the offender (A) upon the victim (B):

“The relevant effects are of—

(a) making B dependent on, or subordinate to, A,

(b) isolating B from friends, relatives or other sources of support,

(c) controlling, regulating or monitoring B’s day-to-day activities,

(d) depriving B of, or restricting B’s, freedom of action,

(e) frightening, humiliating, degrading or punishing B.”

An offender does not have to tick all these boxes to be guilty of a serious offence.

Now anyone who has lived through the last months must recognise that if the government was subject to this law it would be guilty on all points.

So we have coercive control. What else do we have? Well, we have the behaviour that is readily recognised as that of the Cult guru. We are required to believe everything we are told. We have any criticism or questioning censored or silenced, and if we work for the government we are threatened with losing our jobs unless we toe the line and believe what we are told. The Anti-Vaxxer, – creation of the cult, – is such a menace he should be imprisoned, we are told.

I wonder about the nature of this Virus Guru. Is this a Jonestown or a Waco writ large? Or is this Virus Cult like the Aryan Cult? We are told that our government is following the science, but the facts are that the real scientists are in profound disagreement with the staring-eyed Virus Cultists. There is no evidence that the world has done more than experience the usual flu season, and the mortality metrics and their trajectory all bear that out . Despite endless efforts the creepy cultists are simply deaf to other opinion. Will we all be required to die for the cult, or just our old people?

As Jeffrey Tucker puts is so well:

” This is sheer fanaticism, a kind of insanity wrought by a wild vision of a one-dimensional world in which the whole of life is organized around disease avoidance. And there is an additional presumption here that our bodies (via the immune system) have not evolved alongside viruses for a million years. No recognition of that reality. Instead the sole goal is to make “social distancing” the national credo. Let us speak more plainly: what this really means is forced human separation. It means the dismantlement of markets, cities, in-person sports events, and the end of your right to move around freely. 

All this is envisioned in Fauci’s manifesto. The entire argument rests on a simple error: the belief that more human contact spreads more disease and death. In contrast, Oxford’s eminent epidemiologist Sunetra Gupta argues that globalism and more human contact have boosted immunities and made life vastly safer for everyone. “

Link to Jeffrey Tucker’s piece in AIER

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