Can We Expect a Real Virus Attack From The Desperate Hideous Strength?

In the early months of 2017 after the Trump inauguration Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci in separate speeches warned the world of what might be about to happen. Fauci’s prediction, suggested a real pandemic during the Trump presidency, and Gates’ prediction was the possibility of a biological attack that could kill up to 60 million.

We are all bitterly familiar with events after that. A sudden global tsunami of media screeching about the new virus, said to threaten us all, that suddenly appeared in Wuhan, coinciding with the start of the annual flu season that has swept annually around the world for hundreds if not thousands of years. Despite the efforts of the Black Hats to say otherwise what followed was entirely a normal trajectory of flu infections round the world, and if any of the flu was caused by the CV19 virus we have yet to see a single virus isolated in any pathology sample from any patient in the world. All-causes mortality for 2020 in UK was well into the lower half of the last 50 years.

The sophistication of the situation will not be better understood by oversimplification, and what I am about to suggest is only one possibility in a fast-moving scenario, where millions have already been injected with substances the effects of which are only beginning to be understood. The Black Hats may not now need a further virus to get where they want.

I believe, and there is some strong circumstantial evidence to support the theory ( the comspiracy theory indeed!), that the CV 19 virus was released by the Wuhan lab and was intended to cause large-scale mortality. But it proved not to survive in the wild environment. Had that happened, it does not take a lot to see that all the pantomime efforts of the Black Hats would have been unnecessary. Not only would the population have been self-enforcing quarantine – just like during the Black Death, but the vaccines would have been an easy sell compared with the ruthlessly unconvincing high-pressure coercive control attampts we are now seeing.

So one obvious solution for the evil people we face, as this all comes unravelled, may be the production of a fresh, perhaps more effective, form of contagion. We already know for sure that these people would have zero compunction about any act that would reduce the population to submission.

We shall see.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans