Canada is the Crucible for the Globalist Attack on Us all


The reality of the Trudeau regime is no longer concealed. We now see what appear in part to be imported troops, flown in by UN transport, out on the streets in force against the greatest peaceful protest of Canada’s history. This is a massively egregious version of what the Johnson regime used against at least one of the early London protests, using East Europen heavies. Let noone mistake, -the enemy’s tactics are supra-national in strategy.

The Canadian people protesting are simply demanding what is their right; free speech, the right to peaceful assembly, and their other basic human rights, all of which are currently being denied them. A police state has usurped the democratic functions of government, literally trampled the peaceful and the elderly on the streets, confiscated bank accounts of supporters and protestors, threatened to take children away from protestors, euthanase their pets, and imprison anyone who they wish to. The last debate in parliament was closed down by the police, for goodness’ sake.

For us, the children of those who fought with many dead in Hitler’s war, this is a global wake-up call. The repulsive silence from the other governments, ours and the rest, tells us everything we need to know about what to expect if the Canadians submit to this evil.

Trudeau has shown Canadians that there can be no debate, and the consequence of the logic that imposes shuld be clear to us all. The moment is rapidly arriving when it will be either live as a slave or defend our sovereign human independence without fear of the consequences. The world of Trudeau, Gates, Scwhab and the rest of the evil men attacking is not for humans.