Catastrophe and Opportunity

Mr Global Caused the Disaster, but the Opportunities are For Us All if We Grasp Them

But are we?

It is clear enough now. The world as it was will never return to what it was before the revelation of Fauci’s Gift in November 2019. Messrs Gates, Schwab and their unlovely friends have, equally clearly, been planning their satanic course for the world for decades at least and have, in the process, corrupted the public infrastructure to the extent that large swathes of it, public health in particular, are unfit in large part for further use.

But the chaos and call to consciousness that is made by the extreme stress on our societies is not to the exclusive advantage of the devil. It presents – challenges – us with an opportunity to re-imagine how we order our lives, and to try in doing so to awaken to an understanding of what it means to be human. For it is that understanding which is fundamental to the present Manichean confrontation and to our future as the species we are.

Around the world there are millions cowering away from the deeply unwelcome reality of what Mr Global has done and intends, if allowed, to do. Each person refusing to face the facts, as they are so gleefully invited to do by the imps of the legacy media, will give different excuses, whether it is to profess belief in the lies being purveyed or to protest helplessness or likely material loss in dissent. Fear, as recognised by all authoritarians, is the key to keeping a population quiet.

This terrible time has been marked by the supine performance of a great number of the medical profession, whose elite reputation was developed in an age when their fierce independence brooked no interference in their treatment of patients. There are of course a number of noble exceptions to this observation, but it’s notable that they are so few in relative terms that most of the dissenters names are recognisable even in the censored milieu we now inhabit. Examination of the last half century of public health shows us that the art of the doctor has been hijacked by a corrupt public health network where the pushing of pills to enrich pharmas has flourished at the expense of health outcomes to a  scarcely believable point where patients are actually being harmed for corporate profit.

I believe that it is among these otherwise good, skilled and intelligent people, who have the capacity to be leaders among us, that a great opportunity exists to create an Independent Association of Physicians, outside the NHS, of doctors who will reclaim their professional independence in applying the Hippocratic oath to their work with patients who come to them.  A very large number of patients would do so, I am sure. Private healthcare has never had a greater opportunity in a world where public health is so palpably compromised.

As so many find the need to find meaning to all this I’m sure that the future, though likely to be horrible for a while, will show that this time is of a great shift to a wide return to the spiritual values that the industrial age made fugitive. Many of us may die before that, but I for one believe that whatever our individual fates may hold there is no need to fear anything.