A Brave NHS Nurse Resigns and Speaks Out

Download the clip here (it won’t play streaming for some reason but will play fine downloaded.) About 5 meg. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w7827amz05n55tp/165615183_453715535884424_7954187013783047579_n.mp4?dl=0 Yet another wonderful NHS person who has finally had to reject the lying intimidation of the government. As she points out it’s not on the NHS – it’s on the government. The hospitals have never […]

SAGE – the Corruption of Government.

This is an article by Sonia Elijah originally published in 3 parts by Conservative Woman. http://www.conservativewoman.co.uk It’s a ringing indictment on its own, but considered with Blue Tara’s ealier post on the subject https://www.tarableu.com/sage-conflicts-of-interest-and-other-matters/ it begs the question of real criminal responsibility in government allowing all this to happen. NEVER have statisticians, mathematical biologists, psychologists, […]

Ministry of Truth?

Anthony Webber in today’s www.conservativewoman.co.uk has this on-the-button analysis of the Propaganda machinations behind the peddling of injectates in our land Anyone who has studied the history of vaccination programmes will know there have been some startling successes, but also some dismal failures.   In its haste to find a way out of a Covid-19 crisis, […]

Follow the Politics, Not the Science

The co-authors of this paper published today on www.lockdownsceptics.org are a PhD epidemiologist trained at a Russell Group University and a retired former Professor of Forensic Science and Biological Anthropology. It’s illustrative of the climate of intimidation created by the government and media that this is published anonymously. It remains nevertheless a powerful indictment. Readers […]