Censorship is now blatant

As readers of this blog may know, I believe that censorship, that most obvious of the tools of propaganda, has been a feature of the Virus Cult from the beginning. Other aspects, apart from the extensive government nonsense, include well-paid shills inserted into public information environments, namely our usual news outlets and websites like Wikipedia, which is no longer an independent reference source for medical and technical resource that can be relied upon.

In the last week the overt censorship by Zuckerberg of Facebook has entered a fresh, more agressive stage, with the wholesale removal of large groups of opposition to lockdowns, and of course the cancelling of the Twitter account of POTUS. If ever proof was needed of overweaning ambition in our small band of uber-rich this could hardly be more clear. Zuckerberg is of course in bed with the US defence establishment as his most massive customer, and his actions are not only his but in effect black-ops pursuing the interest of the industrial-military complex. I noted that Matt Hancock in the recent debate on compulsion of vaccination in the Commons made remarks that show that the UK government is in regular touch with Zuckerberg to promote their narrative on the Virus. No questions about Facebook tax of £28m against their £1.6bn of sales in the UK, naturally.

The Johnson regime tramples on our democracy with unlawful oppression. The Coronavirus Act has always been disproportionate action, notwithstanding the tissue of lies that are used to keep the fear level up and the scrutiny level down. This makes it ultra vires, that is to say unlawful,- a fact that the regime have refused to allow to be shown in open court, despite many efforts to get a hearing. There is no doubt that censorship is perceived by these people as a useful tool in keeping the plates spinning.

It is heartening to see that thousands of us are increasingly finding places in the new generation of social media that is emerging from what I hope will be the wreckage of the old. It’s a process that is only now taking off, and thank God for it. The evil that attacks us would like to make the universal access to travel and communication of recent years of most of the world’s population a thing of the past. Divide and rule, and reduce natural immunity into the bargain.

It would be a mistake to believe that the enemy is centrally organised in one coherent threat; they are much more, as I see it, a group of convergent interests that operate pan-nationally, with the exception of national governments that are starting to act like branch offices. They show every day that they are neither omniscient or always fiendishly cunning. The Beast can be sent back under the slime if we all reject his filthy propositions. Injektion does not Macht Frei, and Facebook’s face is not our future.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans