The Hesitancy we have for Vaccines and their Criminal peddlers

Childrens Health Defense

For those of us who have not yet seen the expression, “Vaccine hesitancy” is the slogan now being used to promote compulsory vaccinations. As my vaccine hesitancy is real, and caused by hesitancy to trust a single word that the peddlers of untested and toxic injections say, I think it’s important if you are in the UK to know about the sell of Compulsory Vaccination made to Parliament by a number of Mr Gates remittance men a few days ago. The PDF can be downloaded here:

The four biggest manufacturers of vaccines are already convicted felons under US law. No proper vaccine that is tested and made by honest men should require hesitation. That is not what we are being offered – if offer is the right word.

If you have not already done so please take time to watch Robert Kennedy’s message – I found it the most inspiring piece I’ve seen since this outrage began.