Conspiracy – a new theory

As we have forged forward into the battle for freedom, that is now in full swing, it has become plain to any candid assessment that the effort to make mugs of ordinary decent humanity is failing and failing increasingly rapidly.

The mantra of “Conspiracy theory” is now revealed as Conspiracy practice. And it is a sad fact that the profit motive combined with a famine of morality has been helping the evil. The very small number of truly diabolical creatures who wish to use mankind as slaves and as target practice in many imaginative ways are powerless without greedy people who simply don’t reflect on the effect of their self-centred materialist motions.

The price of butter has doubled in less than 2 years. A bag of cement is now £7 when it was £3.25 18 months ago. The list is endless. We all know this, and if we stop for even a brief moment the insight that this is true conspiracy is inescapable. One thing is certain – It’s not increases that are going to the producers. It’s vast windfall price-fixing revenue for corporates who have forgotten how to do business ethically, if ever they knew. With one breath they will be claiming to save the planet and with the next robbing ordinary people blind.

And the government, far from doing anything to stop this disgusting trend, is actually encouraging it. The Fed are starkly revealed now with their rate increases to be what they have always been – the wheelhouse of global financial manipulation.

The threat to the planet and to the future of mankind is from the small cabal, certainly, but it is to the hefty contingent of traitors to their species that we would owe our doom if the cabal had its way. And what would happen to the traitors then, I wonder?

In Holland the globalists are threatening the farming community imminently with forced purchase of their land for housing to be developed said, of course, to be needed. Holland is the second largest exporter of foods in the world. It does not take a lot to join the dots across the whole Food Security scenario, with the “mysterious” arson outbreaks across the US and the EU at large food production facilities, and the bonkers rhetoric of the useful idiots of global warming promoting the boogaloo of Man as a Disease of the Planet.

We must defy the evil and we must call out the profiteers to their shame. It is only a few of the enemy who are irredeemable – let us be merciful but ruthless and reserve our righteous anger for those who represent the drive behind the ancient perversion that has just now come into the open.