Criminals – Not in My Name

As time passes, with the criminals in the media lying for the criminals in the government, and in the Deep State, in the “Public Health” racket and everywhere dirty money rubs elbows with evil, it is necessary to repeat and repeat again:

Not in my name. Not in the name of the British people. Not in the name of right and lawful living.

The rule of law still stands, and is not enforced but misused against those who defy the criminals. Ministers of the crown, the crown itself and those who carried our trust by election have betrayed their responsibilities wholesale. If fifty MPs of integrity remain in Parliament it is a miracle. I doubt as many as that.

Many thousands have already died and many thousands have been permanently injured, including a host of people still unaware of what has been done to them. We are in the midst of a genocide.

If you are paid by the public purse you must ask yourself whether you are loyal to the public whose money you receive, or to the low-life who have usurped power in this country and to whom we owe nothing except trial on a capital charge.

Ignore and defy these dregs of our species. Never comply.