Desperate Scrabble to Cover Up the Slaughter with Mickey Mouse Bugs

Mr Global is now in the crosshairs. Thousands of people have died and are dying from the injectates. The metrics tell the story for the last months, and honest researchers have confirmed that they dramatically inflame the heart tissue. Healthy athletes have been dropping dead in alarming numbers of reports.

Most of us have our own experiences to relate:

My ex-wife, as fit a woman for her age as you will find, found her right hand paralysed months ago shortly after her second jab. It remains in poor state.

A friend and neighbour who has just retired from one of the large pharmas, came in yesterday and told me that a close relative of his, also hitherto very healthy, within two months of her second jab has had several fingers amputated and is expected to lose a leg imminently.

The metrics already posted here show that if you are jabbed and under 60 in England you are twice as likely to die as if you are unjabbed.

But the Jabberwocks are now trying to suggest that all this death and injury is down to their shiny variants. Like every other proposition from them, that is a criminal lie. The variants, where they exist as a malady, are simply seasonal flu, the coronavirus bugs we experience every year, usually without accompanying Fraud and Crimes against the Person.

The Over-reach of the evil is now there for all to see, and despite peoples’ own understandable horrified reluctance to accept the enormity of events, nothing Mr Global can now do will kill the Truth. From the concentration camps for Aboriginal flu in Darwin, to the proto-Nazi Virus regime in Austria, and stinking around us all, the Devil is out in the light.