Do We Accept Lies and Manipulation?

Today I have reviewed a summary of the work of Professor Norman Fenton (thanks to Kathy Gyngell of TCW who posted the clip). Professor Fenton, at Queen Mary University, London is a leading expert on the subject of Risk Information Management. I have posted the interview here on our Resources page.

Using exclusively the government’s own data, from PHE and the ONS, Prof. Fenton has concentrated on the available all-causes mortality metrics to draw a number of conclusions that do not suit the lies (I refuse to describe such things as narrative) of those promoting the Virus Fraud. The creeps have already been calling the professor’s work misinformation – despite the source of the data used – and for him to be removed from his job.

There are two major issues, as there have been all along, with all this stuff:

First is the truth of what the Professor is stating, which among a lot of other things is that the effectiveness of the vaccines cannot be shown by the metrics, that at least 10 million unvaccinated people are absent from the tables, meaning that the unvaccinated are far more numerous than stated officially, and that there is a real possibility that the apparently dire results among those with only one dose of the jabs may account for a good deal that has been otherwise extrapolated by the liars.

Second is the danger we face of accepting lies, manipulation and victimisation of truth callers as a normal part of our lives. The unconscionable conduct we are seeing, of which the treatment of Professor Fenton is a good example, is widespread in the media, in government and among those paid by the public purse. It should get the hiss from all right-thinking people. It is not “narrative”. It is bloody lies and damned criminality, and that is what we should call it whenever we see it. Those who abuse their positions in this way should expect to be despised and shunned. It is not long since people behaving like this would be expected to resign when exposed. That moral standard needs to return and return now, demanded by each of us.

Public life now has, to list a few excitements of the many, politicians who are organising scams for private enrichment using apps that delete the record of calls, GPs working 3 day weeks and failing to see patients on a wide scale, injectates that are now known to be toxic being urged, by people who know well that this is the case, on citizens of all ages, the cynical use of masks to promote fear and docile obedience, the fascist usurpation of power in many countries, notably so far in Australia and New Zealand, the withdrawal of life-saving treatment for any patients said to have Covid for no medical reason or excuse, the banning of life-saving drugs that compete with the injectates, the culpable homicide of at least 50,000 UK citizens by withdrawal of elective procedures and consultations, the revolting cruelty and multiple fatalities inflicted in care homes using lethal drugs and disgusting “security” to exclude relatives. And on, and on, and on.

And now we enter the latest phase, the gift of Dr Fauci and his friends of AIDS to those who trusted them enough to take the jabs. PHE metrics show that the victims are losing natural immunity at an alarming rate, and we are seeing a rise of deaths caused by maladies that would not otherwise have been seen such as cancers. Where this will take us God knows, but let us pray for punishment for the perpetrators of this evil.