Do you debate a Tiger? Or parley with a Tapeworm?

(first published here earlier in the year)

The fact, above all others, that has been forced upon us over the last months is that the truth has become a quarry hunted to near extinction by media and government alike. With depressingly few exceptions, if any of them say or write anything they are lying. It is as simple and horrible as that.

And the reaction to this has been typical of the one that people so frequently have when they are faced with the actions of a psychopath, because they simply find it impossible to imagine that any human being could behave in the ruthless and unfeeling way that such people can. It is a basic reluctance to face the shadow that is present in all of us. That reluctance is made stronger by the clear implications that are entailed in actually believing what one is seeing, which may be extremely unwelcome. And such is the case with the Virus Cult.

As the pantomime of the Cult has played out, and the media create a bright, and frequently fervent, debate over the Cult’s agenda of tests, masks, “cases”, and all the rest of it, people have been drawn into the nonsense, thinking that in some way such controversy over flavours of shit (for that is what it is) will alter what is happening. But I think one needs to stand back from it and ask oneself what real benefit has ever come from debating with liars. And the answer to that means, I believe, that the proper course for all of us is to refuse to engage with either the government or media save to call them for what they are: Liars, doing cruel and deliberate evil to people who trusted them.

As less people have died ( by ONS stats) in 2020 of all causes than in 2019 once the more than 100,000 dead caused by the closure of the NHS to non-virus patients are deducted, what else do we need to know? We know that the reptiles will try to spin it as their brave decision to lockdown that saved us all, but that proposition does not stand a moment’s examination.

There is no profit or future to be had from debating with these liars at all. We should all individually refuse to engage either media or government on the subject, save to point out that they are misrepresenting the truth. All the claptrap of the lockdown measures is their agenda and we should refuse to discuss it with them or take any notice of it in our daily lives. The more we do that the less traction this evil will have. Greed for money and power is on a Juggernaut with the Virus Cult. We must show our contempt for its gurus.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans