Do you see the cattle-trucks?

Nobody knew……

It is a truism that for the last seventy plus years we have lived in an age of increasing prosperity and peace. So we have forgotten how hard-won the era we have enjoyed was. We read the obituaries of the last of our parents and grandparents to fight in Hitler’s War and in Korea with enormous admiration and largely complete ignorance of the human cost of those times. Very little has come near us to shake that material complacency; the necklaces of babies fingers in Kosovo, or the bestiality of Rwanda shocked us, but did not bring us close to the realisation of how vulnerable the societies we inhabit truly are to the Beast, when it raises its head at last.

The technology of the modern age has transformed the possibilities not only for the betterment of mankind, but also for its exploitation by tiny minorities. And it is from that phenomenon we are now reeling. We have allowed small numbers of men to become wealthier than nations, believing that this in some way was part of the philosophy of capitalism. It has become a carte blanche for psychopathy and its manipulation of our governing institutions. Philanthropy has been degraded to a dirty word by these people and Truth is now an endangered creature.

One of the wonders of Hitler’s Germany was that the nation managed to be oblivious of the concentration camps, so that when the frightful truth was forced upon the ordinary citizens it created a national guilt that lives on to this day. We are seeing the same dreadful thing developing, as so many choose for their own short term safety and comfort to believe the Covid fraud. The wall of propaganda that is unrelenting from the media, the enforced propaganda of NHS staff being intimidated into perpetuating the lie, and the cod “science” being churned out by dubious advisors to the government, make that mental abdication easy.

But as time passes the facts become more starkly clear. This whole pandemic story has been the reason given for the entire lockdown legislation. But it is clear now from ONS figures, and the government’s own admissions regarding the numbers of non-virus deaths caused by closing the NHS to ordinary patients, that without that horrific culpable homicide by Hancock and the regime less people would have died of all causes in 2020 than in 2019. So the lockdown is unlawful. The government’s answer to that is to avoid at all costs being brought to court for judgement of the point, just as is it using every dirty trick it can find to prevent legal scrutiny of their cosy Covid contracts let without proper procurement to people they know.

It is uncomfortable to face this, as I know myself, having had several family members telling me they don’t believe it. I did not choose to bang on about this, but it is the duty of every person to find the facts, which are now there to find, and use their own judgment, and not the predigested pronouncements of others to decide. So what do you think?

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans