Don’t believe the Liars.

There is a “reculer pour mieux sauter” under way. The CDC and the Daily Telegraph are typical. Evil has no intention of backing off – they have nowhere to go!

The aim of such manoeuvring is to consolidate power while throwing a distraction to the masses – an article by Jordan Peterson in the Telegraph, or a frank admission from sources in the CDC of deep error over the virus. One has only to look at the overall direction of such organisations – I do not expect to be allowed to comment on Telegraph pieces anytime soon – truth is still as unwelcome as ever it was, and the CDC is positioning itself to be subsumed into an even larger bunch of murdering corruption. There are plenty more examples around the world.

We must stay focussed on the fact that these people have shown themselves to be liars and criminals on the grandest scale ever known, and any individuals associated with them, are almost without exception, candidates for prosecution for a range of serious crimes ranging from murder and manslaughter to misconduct in public office.

To take any further notice of such people is an error. The only forum they should have is a properly consituted criminal court.

“Controlled debate” will not cut it any more. They are coming for you and me, and that bespeaks only one answer whether supported by the law or, or if betrayed by it, otherwise.