Dr Crippen’s New Acolytes

What Was Good for Dr Crippen is Good for Anyone Administering or Causing the Administration of Noxious Substances.

It is now increasingly clear that there is a strong case to prosecute any persons promoting the administration of the injectates promoted so frantically around the world.

The evidence is that a) there is no CV19 virus at all, despite the many shrill lies about genome sequencing of dead cellular rubbish, and that this is far from the first such deception practiced on the public by Fauci and his friends, and b) the metrics used to persuade us all that people have had such a virus are demonstrably fraudulent, and c) that the damage has been caused by the virus at unprecedented levels that are already dramatic and only now beginning to be understood.

Even if you are a proponent of the injectates (and so, in my view, either a Black Hat or deliberately ignorant) you cannot be unaware that these issues are pressing and that you have at the very minimum, if you think them wrong, to demonstrate that they are so before further administering or causing administration. To do otherwise will make you guilty of a serious offence of recklessness or malice carrying long jail term punishment in any jurisdiction under the sun (probably even North Korea!).

It is time for the vaccine programme globally to be frozen until full inquiry by disinterested minds has got to the bottom of the matter.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans