Dr Goebbels is Against Digital Hate!

If anyone wants to see the black art of Propaganda at its most grotesque they need look no further than the websites of https://www.counterhate.com/.

It is here you will find that it is the “antivaxxers” who are making billions from the spreading of their insidious truth drug. You will even be able to sign a petition against this dire threat to humanity, but if you want to pop round to thank this lot for their efforts you will find them curiously anxious to assure you that their office address is not where they can be found.

These are people promoting the use of the injectates, and as such they are committing serious criminal offences as long as any person is deceived by their motions into compromising their health in order to add some cash to the Digital Hate sponsors and their chums.

In the meantime I’m enjoying the massive profits that pointing out these dismal matters brings, as no doubt are all the other people who hate criminality, greed, corruption and misconduct in public office!