Dropping Truth

This fiery comment by Lara Logan is right on the button. Cowboy logic indeed!

People who think that somehow civilized debate can solve this are grossly deceiving themselves and are dupes of the very people who have injected millions with toxins, and are destroying our livelihoods. They have had two years to see the ugly truth that has come into plain sight after so many years skulking in the deep shadows.

We need to call this evil for what it is and get its perpetrators into jail. We now know who most of them are. Do not expect things to change without that confrontation. We have a duty to ourselves, to our ancestors, and to our children to put the Schwabs, the Gates’s, the Fauci’s and the rest beyond an ability to enslave us and play God with Humanity. If we do not answer that call we abdicate our freedoms as sovereign individuals for existence as the drones of a collective controlled by evil.