Dr Frances Kelsey is congratulated by JFK for preventing the licensing of Thalidomide in the US

I believe that we as people are entitled to an opinion but that we are not entitled to ignorance.

,When this outrage began millions had become accustomed to a world, up to that moment, where the government, though it may not always have been brilliant in discharge of its service to those who elected it, was generally looking after the people for better or worse.
It is a measure of the level of trust built up over many years that large numbers have found it impossibly difficult to grasp the new situation, which is that the government and large swathes of public life have been corrupted and are serving the interests of themselves and of the wealthy elite in a bid to end democracy and establish a eugenicist and self-serving oligarchy on a global scale.

Hardly surprising – before this started it would have seemed incredible.

However, over the year since this started, despite the frantic efforts of the cash-enslaved media to keep the lid on things, a nearly complete picture has emerged and the facts of the Virus Fraud in its multilayered lying evil are readily available to those who will look for them. Naturally, if you have already had the injectates and had your family have them you will not be keen to find that the “tin-foil brigade” and “antivaxxers” of the propaganda lexicon were right on the money. But you must, and at all costs do not have any more of them.

If humanity is not to split into those who continue to cooperate with the psychopathic evil and its greedy cohorts at the likely expense of their sovereign individuality and those who do not, with all the potential for bad consequences that implies, it is essential for the victims of this crime against humanity recognise that that is what they are – Victims.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans