Evil is On the March.

The are at least 40% of the population who have been truly hynotised, and there is no reaching them with the truth; I have long been afraid that was the case, and the experts advising Reiner Fuellmich confirm this. Without a major sudden trauma that is not likely to change. That trauma is certain I do not doubt, but it is not in our gift.

That leaves the rest of us, a good number of whom have been hornswoggled by lying governments and media, but who are now beginning to discover with increasing fury what has been done. There is a very simple solution – as so many things that are hard to achieve tend to be. It is force our judiciaries to do the jobs they are there for. Bob the cartoonist says it neatly:


Many of the readers here will know Reiner Fuellmich, who last night gave an interview on Childrens Health Defence – the Defender. He is at the top of his game and I believe his summary is the best and most accessible I have yet seen: