Fauci’s Evil is Nothing New. We are Under a Duesberg Moon.

The emergence of Dr Peter Duesberg from the oubliette of the Fauci Filth underlines the inevitability of the eventual defeat of all evil. Evil over-reaches. Always. And now is no exception. Duesberg takes the scientific world by the throat for the second time, this time with his new and revolutionary hypothesis about cancers. Celia Farber puts it movingly:

“Peter Duesberg’s name, the name they (Fauci Inc) worked so violently and diligently to erase for decades, comes back now, emerges like a full moon between the trees.

I have a sense that people are standing beneath this Duesberg Moon, feeling a yearning and a remorse, like a great love they didn’t know to appreciate at the time. It got away.

People want to pay their respects to him. And I can help with this!

The greatest form of respect is to listen to another’s story, just to know it and care.”

And that knowledge is of universal importance.

The destruction of the US public health sytem, to reorder it as machine for enriching Fauci and his many friends, has been going on for decades and Americans have suffered and died in droves as a result. Prescription medicines are one of the greatest causes of death! The 0.25% of the US population who have refused all “vaccines” of the last four decades are far, far healthier than the rest of the population as the research posted here and elsewhere ( not done by government) has shown.

Peter Duesberg

Celia Farber has been highlighting the monstrous fraud of AIDS and the killing of thousands of gay men with AZT. The parallels with the flu fraud are striking, even if the flu fraud is making the gangsters a quantum more cash.

Nothing is now missing from what is needed for the instigation of RICOH case against these people except for the Attorney General of the US to do his job without corrupt interference. The intent, the forseeability of harm, the conspiracy, the reality of harm, all are there and proven. It is similar case here in the UK, where prosecutors are having to fail to respond to such calls rather than try to explain their positions.

Here are links to Celia’s articles about Peter Duesberg, one of the heroes of our time, and the AIDS outrage. They are powerful accounts, and show that despite the endless efforts to cancel Truth, the light will eventually always return to extinguish the lies of evil men.