Focus on Fauci

The New Axis has few more powerful or sinister leading figures than Dr Anthony Fauci. Leveraging his Gates connections, and his apparent limitless ruthless ambition, he now to all intents and purposes controls, through his command network, the supply of drugs approval, – indeed the candidature for such approvals, – not only in the US, but also here and elsewhere. His power is such that he can eliminate developers of drugs that he opposes. As he glides suavely from the Trump White House to the Biden White House, it is fair to say that he also, with his paymasters, controls the media public health narrative in direct conflict with the public interest. The fact that the main US public health authorities, the CDC and the FDA, are both enthusiastic participants in the sale of the materials they are supposed to control is a mere indicator of the scale of the issue.

Under Faucii’s period of influence the incidence of autism has risen since 1989 from about one in 1,000 in the US to one in 30, a metric that one can not account in any way substantially for by reason of its recogntion as a condition from 1945 onwards. It is a similar picture for a large number of other conditions that were formerly uncommon, including food allergies. Now young American bodies have over 70 expensive injectates put into them in the name of public health, to its everlasting shame. It is not possible to produce any honest study to show that since Congress was persuaded to make maufacturers immune to legal pursuit for damage from “vaccines” in 1989 there has been any net benefit to public health, and a good deal to demonstrate precisely the opposite.

Fraud and misleading government are nothing new to this individual and his cohorts. The last five decades are littered with episodes of which the CV19 virus, still not isolated in pathology anywhere in the world by anybody, is just the latest. The realities of the PCR test and the fictitious data sets sent to manufacurers (all of which is clear from evidence to be found on the CDC records and elsewhere), as well as the reality of their uncritical acceptance of those datasets, are key parts of what has been a global scam of unprecedented scale.

But there are a number of individuals who have been fighting the long battle against this toxic influence. The immediacy of the effect of the Virus Fraud on us all has made their insights crucial in spreading awareness of what is happening and, importantly, of ways to deal with it, the most fundamental is awareness itself.

Focus on Fauci – 22 mins

Robert F Kennedy Jnr. who is the last speaker in the clip above, is in my view one of the most important campaigners of our time. I quote his piece on the censorship of opposition by the wealthy actors of the New Axis:

On Feb. 15, the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post published a Feb. 11 Associated Press article applauding the censorship of those who criticize the government’s pandemic response policies.

The lockdown has netted Bezos $70 billion since its start. If you are Bezos, a permanent lockdown is a goldmine.

Bill Gates, meanwhile, has made $20 billion from the lockdown he previously war-gamed and then cheer-led. His strategy has included emasculating the independent media — the most likely sources of the sort of vigorous journalism that might otherwise scrutinize his self interest in the polices he helped successfully engineer for the rest of us.

Gates also made large contributions to charitable organizations affiliated with news outlets, like BBC Media Action and the The New York Times, according to an August 2020 investigation by Columbia Journalism Review. He similarly disarmed NPR and Public Television by making them reliant on his support. In exchange, these outlets shield his sketchy projects from critical scrutiny.

Gates is arguably the world’s biggest vaccine maker. As its largest contributor, Gates controls the World Health Organization which, according to Foreign Affairs, makes no significant decision without consulting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He similarly exercises dictatorial authority over an army of quasi-governmental agencies that he largely created or funds: Path, GAVI CEPI, Unicef etc. These agencies have demonstrated their power to turn the globe into a captive market for Gates’ vaccine enterprise.

Meanwhile, Gates’ Big Pharma partners use their $9.6 billion in advertising expenditures to dictate round-the-clock pandemic panic and drum up blind support for highly subsidized, shoddily tested, zero-liability vaccines that prevent neither transmission nor death.

“The mainstream network news shows, including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox have put COVID Terror, Vaccines Salvation and the obligatory shaming of dissidents on a 24-hour loop with each segment (and I use this term in every sense of the word) with pharmaceutical advertisements.

These outlets have turned their weekly talk shows into fawning hagiographies for Gates’ regular satellite tours in which credulous, obsequious Sunday morning talk show hosts lob softball medical questions to a billionaire with no public health training.

Nobody ever asks Gates or his mini-me, Tony Fauci, why they chose to spend tens of billions in taxpayer dollars on speculative vaccines and zero dollars investigating the many off-the-shelf, off-patent medications that have demonstrated extraordinary success in the hands of private doctors — medications that might have ended the pandemic a year ago.

The media, which has enabled this global hostage crisis, is arguably the most consequential criminal enterprise in human history. As Rahm Emmanuel observed, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

“Gates and Fauci have demonstrated that by controlling the media, billionaires and their government cronies can prolong a crisis forever and accumulate unprecedented wealth and power over humanity.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans

And Dr David Martin has published a dossier on the legal violations of Fauci that he has identified, which I publish here in abbreviated form (he has a list of 5,000 patents filed in connection with Coronavirus which is appended and the full document link is on the Resources page here).

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans