For We, who Complain about the Liars, this is Important.

This is a well reasoned and well balanced article, from the website of Rosemary Frei, that underlines the real need we, who are fighting the greatest wall of lies and criminality the world has seen, need to take careful note of.

Because the enemy are so ruthless and so entirely lacking in scruple it is very tempting for us to grasp any material that takes the position of dissent and give it a fair wind, even if it covers abstruse or complex issues. Check and double check. I have learned this the hard way. And as we have got to measure the millions being spent on propaganda by our attackers it is very very plain that some of such material will originate with their grubby PR types.

For my part I will do my utmost to avoid the bear traps of hysterical mistatements, unbacked allegations and so on. Mr Frei’s advice is timely and thorough – I recommend it.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans