Fur Ihre Sicherheit. The Mantra of Tyranny.

Fur Ihre Sicherheit

I have just been watching John Anderson, lately the Australian deputy premier, discussing virus matters with Jordan Peterson. I must say at the outset that I love Jordan Peterson, as do millions of others, for his intellect and the great heart that drives it.

And John Anderson appears to be the very model of sound Aussie reflective politician. It was a civilised encounter, and partly for that very reason, I think, it failed the first test of dealing with this subject. We are dealing not with a debateable issue but with attackers who do not listen, or for a moment relent, in malign determination.

The other reason for failure was the fact that the global nature of the threat was not acknowledged. And this is a fundamental to any assessment of the situation. Mr Global is a fact, and without the conspiracy none of this tragic fiasco would be unrolling. The corruption we would otherwise face in our national public lives would have the former limitations that we may now recall with some nostalgia!

Mr Anderson’s proposition that sacrifices may need to be made (in a democracy, as he says, or otherwise) for the greater good would, in my view, be suspect in any circumstances, but in the context of the invasive nature of the vaccines it becomes potentially diabolical. The Nazi slogan is reimagined. And in the context of the now proven harmful nature of the injectates and the absence of any evidence whatever that a material threat of a virus exists it is doubly so.

While there is now a good deal of evidence there for those who wish to know the truth of what is happening, there are also areas where speculation is all that is available. One of those is what the nature of the injectates being delivered is by geography. We know that different manufacturers jabs are being delivered around the world, but how if at all do they vary by ingredients? We know that in UK we are seeing an alarming drop in the immune systems of those jabbed – is this the same for example in Australia and NZ? In other words is there a varied timetable being implemented, with placebos or differing ingredients aimed to coordinate political deployments? And, of course, who are the people getting saline jabs instead of the toxic ones?

Let us not mistake the need now to simply reject and defy our enemy. It’s an unwelcome realisation that sometimes jaw, jaw, will not do.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans