Get Real, Good People!

The Virus Outrage has run and run. Thousands of people across the world have been killed or injured, with an unknown future ahead for the health of anyone who has submitted to the injectates.

As time has passed, the very many people who smell the rot – the evil- that is among us, have formed a powerful alternative news force and community that has bid fair to exceed the corrupt mainstream media, whores of the globalist corporate enemy. And, as a glance will show, the strength of feeling opposing Gate, Schwab and the rest of the dismal regiment of megalomaniacs is expressed in a myriad of articles, studies and talking heads, often highly articulate and well researched.

But it is that wide range of focus that, as the propaganda gauleiters of the enemy well understand, weakens protest. My inbox is swamped with indignant articles on a wide range of the examples of corruption and malfeasance of governments. But it’s time for us to get real. before anything else is discussed, we should be aiming laser-gaze at the underlying truth of what has happened, which is murder, manslaughter, and misconduct in public office.

Many of us who have tried to get our local judiciaries to come to their duty on this well know that there is a wall of fear and intimidation that inhibits the pursuit of any prosecutions. Here in Scotland, for example and it seems typically I asked the Police to investigate and warn those promoting and delivering the jabs that they might well be committing a number of serious offences. I was asked by the Police to make this request to the Lord Advocate, and her office eventually, after a number of obfuscations, referred me in a remarkable communication back to the police and said they would not respond further to me on the subject.

Until these matters are fully articulated in criminal indictments against the names we all know, and quite a few others, the leading conspirators in these global crimes, and brought before courts that will hear the cases impartially, we are wasting cosmic amounts of energy. To complain about so-called “Partygate” in the UK, for example, when Johnson and his chums have serious criminal charges to answer over propagation of the virus fraud, and their procurement of continued promotion and delivery of injectates to our population that are proven both by research and by results to be significantly harmful to the victims, is playing into the hands of the modern Goebbels in the media.

Let us call for those prosecutions loudly as a preface to every commentary we make. If the Rule of Law cannot be re-established the rule of the jungle is all that is left.