Guardian of Two Centuries of What? Ugh!

The Guardian is congratulating itself on its two hundred years of sanctimonious “We know best what’s best for you”. The “independent’ operation accepts funds from Bill Gates and has two centuries of siding with authority against the great unwashed that it so cares for. It was the first of the propaganda outlets to censor my commentary. So I very much enjoyed this piece in Spiked by James Heartfield on the subject that casts a well researched and encouragingly jaundiced eye over the history.

He concludes, “the Guardian has been resolute in its view that democracy in Britain offers too great a risk of ‘populist’ capture and has consistently supported reforms intended to curtail it, whether demanding its subordination in the European Union or for greater oversight at the hands of the UK Supreme Court and other ‘non-majoritarian institutions’. That is wholly in keeping with its hostility to democratisation over its two centuries. The paper remains consistent, too, in its support for liberal imperialism – most recently supporting Western intervention in Libya and Syria.

Here’s to 200 years of the warmongering, reactionary and hate-filled Guardian.”

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans