How Little We Know.

If the last two years have taught me anything at all it is how little we all know of what drives events across the planet. The only simple truth that has become clear to me is that a struggle is afoot between good and evil – a truly Manichean confrontation that is going to move mankind and its home into a wholly new epoch.

Putin’s hidden Palace and Support Facilities

But who among us could trust their intuition enough to name the forces of the light with real confidence? It is a major challenge in a world where former enemies appear to be defenders of civilized values and the so-called leader of the free world turns out to be a crooked, senile old man controlled by insane warmongers who will happily accept nuclear war as a competition of relative destruction provided theirs is the least worst desolation.

I make no denial of the fact that Putin has played a sophisticated hand, or that his analysis of the deep sickness of the West, which he sees as the same staring-eyed infantile stupidity as the early communistas, is frighteningly accurate. Morals and values, and a ritualistic religious enthusiasm are high on his shopping list. His relationship with truth seems at least to be able to spell the word, an ability long lost among the herds of swine polluting the West. But here’s the thing. Putin is, despite that, a ruthless autocrat who has constructed a palace on the Black Sea that bids fair to be Ozymandias at his height. He is known to be savage in reprisals to certain opponents, even if he is surprisingly tolerant of a large West-leaning fifth column one might have expected him to come down hard on before now. And he has long been close to the WEF, even if that is now played down.

Is Putin really so close to China? Logic defies this proposition. So is his restraint over his West-loving subversives really so surprising? China will have, I suspect, never dropped Russia from their sights as a target since the sixties. The CCP has already shown its racist credentials over many decades. While the CCP rules the Han march will continue over the bodies of all the peoples we have watched suffer all this time. Unless the Dragon families are a reality, rather than a hopeful myth, there is not much future for the Sino-Russian axis. If, as I suspect, China shows signs of economic and social implosion in the near future we shall see how the entente holds up.

The sobering fact is that the light is in the hands of every single one of us as sovereign individuals, and we must not outsource the responsibility to spread it despite the many blandishments the filth of identity politics have generated. We cannot rely on Power to help us, we must enslave it, not the other way round.

All will be well. How? It’s a mystery….. but there it is!