Human Rights “Improvements” From The Johnson Regime?

The Johnson regime is preparing to tweak the UK Human Rights legislation. The idea of people of this sort having anything to do with human rights is risible, given that they are already responsible for massive abuses and the deaths and injury of large numbers of our citizens, a crime that is in continued and sustained commission.

Johnson and his friends will be as reliable with Human Rights as they have been with Public Procurement, where their multitude of abuses have been confirmed by our courts by judges who have managed to do their job with less inhibition that in other areas of unlawful behaviour by the government.

They will use the changes they are proposing to justify further tyranny including compulsory medical procedures. It is worth writing to your MP and making strong objection to this further attack on our liberties. No doubt they would say as part of their specious vapourings that the truth of the information and opinions such as those here on Blue Tara, and the many others who are doing the work abandoned by the legacy media, is an abuse to be suppressed. It is not, and the tweaks to the legislation are entirely for the convenience of the fascistic regime and their globalist masters.

An excellent commentary by Kit Knightly in the Off-Guardian: