I Accuse….

I first posted this a year ago, and I have no cause to retract a single word. Readers will note that some matters have since become a good deal less obscured, and despite the propaganda efforts to blame China, use climate terror and cause conflict, it’s getting clearer and clearer that Messrs Gates and Fauci have a great deal to answer for, and the poisoning of millions is just part of what is in progress.

I salute Monsieur Emile Zola and humbly borrow his garments for this statement.

I accuse Mr Bill Gates and his many materialistic and ambitious associates in the fields of Pharma, AI, and other monsters of Mammon, including Klaus Schwab and his organisation undermining national leadership, of a long-planned intention to destroy the democracy of the nation states of the world, to enslave humanity with a centralist tyranny driving crude technological eugenics, and to commit other crimes against humanity. I accuse Mr Gates of causing $billions of “grants” to be given over recent years to media outlets ( as may be found on his Foundations’ website if you know where to look), including the most major and influential, nominally for “advocacy” which, whatever the legal wriggle he may proffer, amounts to moral corruption and betrayal of trust on an industrial scale. I accuse Mr Gates of purchasing the influence of many educational and research establishments around the world including Imperial College, Oxford and other UK universities, and compromising their integrity and duty thereby.

I accuse Dr Tony Fauci as a senior member of the Gates organisation, and a host of other Gates or Pharma funded promoters of ruthless self promotion in the field of vaccine research at the expense of thousands of victims over the years. I accuse Dr Fauci in conjunction with the US CDC and others of :

I accuse the other manufacturers of vaccines and the Pharmaceutical industry and AI of the long-term corruption of the public health authorites of the United States, resulting in a “Public Health” milieu where the FDA and CDC both sell and make profits from vaccines, where vaccines can be sold with no proper safety testing such as that which is mandatory for medicines, where any action for damage against a vaccine manufacturer is precluded by the 1989 Act of Congress made under industry lobbying., and where the use by the industry of over 70 toxic and unsafe injections into American bodies and elsewhere has over 40 years created enormous damage to public health and created a market for their medicines for novel and vastly expanded chronic conditions. Despite their immunity at least four of the largest vaccine companies are convicted felons.

I accuse Mr Gates and the owners of Facebook, Twitter and Amazon together with the pharmas of spending millions to silence opposition not only by buying media influence, but by censorship and the use of regiments of paid shills and hacks to corrupt debate and pollute the open arenas of online discussion and reference, making parts of Wikipedia, for example, into a Third Reichian propaganda environment.

I accuse persons of identity unproven of releasing the CV19 virus from a lab in Wuhan at the commencement of the 2019 flu season. I accuse and thank Divine Providence for decreeing that the virus did not prove able to survive outside the lab environment.

I accuse George Soros of being a principal funder of Antifa and BLM with the intent of creating civil unrest by ratcheting up race disharmony at a time calculated to cause maximum damage to the American people and to the UK, and of association with the directors of Dominion, the software company accused of rigging votes in the US election on a vast scale.

I accuse Wikipedia of, not for the first time, allowing large numbers of paid PR types to pollute the open collegiate ethos of the website to create reams of propaganda about vaccines and related matters and smearing any persons with pages who are perceived as opposing the vaccine peddlers narrative. ( a glance, for example, at the Vaccine Hesitancy page is instructive..)

I accuse Boris Johnson and his ministers, and the Welsh and Scottish administrations (perhaps too dignified a description) of the culpable homicide of tens of thousands of British people by reason of their reckless closure of the NHS to elective procedures unrelated to the supposed CV19 virus, despite the clearest warnings of the consequences of doing so. I accuse them of conspiring with foreign and other corporate interests, including Mr Gates and his associates, big Pharma and promoters of AI investments to maintain the fraud of the existence of CV19 as a public health threat. I accuse them of using the unaccountable quangoes of Health Trusts to intimidate the hundreds of thousands of NHS staff into turning the Service into a propaganda machine to perpetuate the lie of the contagion and to engender widespread fear in the population. I accuse them of multiple abuses of the procurement of vast quantities of totally unnecessary material in pursuance of the fraudulent virus tale, including testing, vaccinations and a myriad other parasitical leaching of the Public purse.

I accuse NHS managers “just following orders” of usurping the professional role of the doctor in wrongfully prescribing treatment and of contravention of the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights, such that in the situation today each NHS hospital is imposing extensive “measures” while the average age of the few said to have died of “the virus” is over 82 while the average age of mortality for the UK is just over 81.

I accuse the Metropolitan Police Commissioner of being the lapdog of tyranny in arranging for the violent suppression of peaceful demonstration by the police and in allowing paid foreign thugs to be bussed into London demonstrations to intimidate peaceful demonstrators against the unlawful behaviour of the government

I accuse the English Judiciary of failing by endless delay to provide the powerful forum intended by the constitutional principle of the separation of powers, so that an application for Judicial Review still has not been given permission, let alone heard, since the start of proceedings in April 2020.

I accuse the House and Commons and its members of a total abdication of their duty to provide the oversight and protection of the interests of the people of Britain who elected them, of endless mouthing of platitudes, of brain-dead acceptance of the Mickey Mouse virus narrative and of the supine cowardice that has been the mark of their collective presence since the start of this outrage against the world population.

I accuse the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Canada and of our American friends, among many others, of barefaced criminality in support of the attack upon ordinary citizens.

It is a long list, but even when all the malfeasants accused here, and the many others, are counted they are a tiny number in relation to us, the people. As peaceful ordinary citizens we are slow to anger; we do not like conflict. But this conflict is forced upon us, our people are suffering and they are dying from the injectates and our anger is rising. So tremble, you overweaning folk, you have pulled the tail of the dragon.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans