If You’ve Had the Jabs…

Blue Tara noted this suggestion to anybody who has had the Jabs and wishes to detox. This site does not offer medical advice, and anyone reading this and acting on it does so at their initiative and own risk. Probably worth shopping around as there are many very bright people out there who are on to this.

“Take NAC (may be hard to get, if in USA try iherb.com, they are trying to ban it in the USA because it helps detox from the injections a lot), Quercetin, Zinc, L-Lysine, Vitamin D (10,000 IU a day, but can start with a few days of ~30,000 IU but no more than a few days to start), CoQ10, ~5mg Melatonin (before bed only, never during the day because it puts you to sleep), Pine Needle Tea, and a good multivitamin (i.e. organic, wholefood-based Costco Kirkland brand). Hopefully after a few months of taking these you will be mostly detoxed, but it is possible you may need some of these supplements for years or the rest of your life if your cells keep generating spike proteins.

In addition to the above, Ivermectin is needed as well, but DO NOT take it daily. Be very careful with dosage, never overdose or it becomes neurotoxic. Calculate dosage properly, you just need it to get rid of some of the parasites in the injections by taking it monthly with moderate dosage according to instructions’ weight/mg amounts, then afterwards can just take low dosages once or twice a month, and have some on hand in case you feel flu-like symptoms.”

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans

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