Johnson Lies and Lies Again. This is War, on Us and on our Children

A “mild” reaction to the Injectates

The recent trumpeted media reports that vaccine passports have been ditched by Johnson are no more worth giving credence to than any of his other vapourings. Make no mistake, this war upon humanity is centrally controlled, on a global scale, and Johnson is just a (temporary) local gauleiter. The “medical” tyranny has no intention of letting the British out of their grasp if they can help it.

We all need to state loudly what our view is and to carry the biggest stick we can find. The majority of people well know the evil that is afoot and it’s up to each of us to reassure them that far from being alone in a sea of lying propaganda they are very much part of the majority.

This is nothing to do with public health and everything to do with slavery.

I call upon every person who is paid by government to refuse to do any act that is contrary to their conscience. It is not a light thing to ask, I know, however one would like it to be. We face an effort in the next days now to, in effect forcibly, inject our children with toxic material without parental consent. A top German pathologist has just found that 35-40% of all deaths following the vaccine are directly attibutable, from pathology alone, to those injectates.

When attackers will not debate or negotiate the options are limited. They are limited now and if we want to survive as a species we need to get that unpalatable reality.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans