Jon Rappoport on the Israel conflict

Jon Rappoport is a veteran observer of the motions of the criminal conspiracy he here refers to as the Utopians. They are well enumerated in the recent Wikispooks study

“At ground level, here are a few clues that could point to key people in the government of Israel serving the stone cold Utopians.

We’re supposed to believe the toughest and smartest military/intel establishment in the world missed the fact (for the past 30 or 40 years) that the barrier they set up in Gaza, which kept the two sides SEPARATE—that barrier was finally breached by guys with wire cutters and another guy driving a bulldozer through the fence.

Sure. Uh-huh.

Not only that…

The fantastic Israeli surveillance system at the barrier failed to detect the approach of the guys with wire cutters and the guy driving the bulldozer. Or if the system did detect it, the Israeli communication apparatus that would have allowed a proper alert to go out had just been destroyed by a Hamas rocket. No one on the Israeli side in the past 40 years considered THAT strategy.

Then we have the failure of the vaunted Israeli Iron Dome, the anti-missile system that destroys incoming rockets. It either failed outright, or it was inexplicably down when Hamas and their bosses fired their rockets. Uh-huh. Just happened to be ineffective on that day. “Well, it was a Jewish holiday, and we wanted to give our workers time off, so we shut down the system…”

Next, we come to the mass kidnappings. This, too, was apparently a strategy the Israeli military/intel complex hadn’t really thought through. Ever. Took them totally by surprise. Because crazies with nothing to lose never take hostages. They never use them as shields. They never place them at targets the opposition wants to destroy. They never spread out the hostages over a wide area, thus making it impossible for them to be rescued. The Mossad never heard of the Iran hostage crisis that went on month after month, at the end of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency.

And what about Hamas and connected agents infiltrating Gaza over a period of years? Another shocker. Who could possibly have anticipated THAT? Sleeper cells are just fairy tales you read about in spy novels.

These and other “mistakes” are really just that? Or have they been planned and permitted (ultimately by people at high levels within the Israeli government), because the agenda and the MAIN EVENT is DESTRUCTION?

If you want to keep going and take all this back to basic—what should I call them—global plots, we could get into the religions behind these 2 current warring sides…religions that historically have portrayed mass destruction on a very large scale. Islam, Judaism.

Islam proposes world domination and the forced conversion of unbelievers (or their execution) everywhere and the setting up of a universal Caliphate.

Have you ever really read the Old Testament? The document that purports to describe the history of the Hebrews? The god portrayed is very much a vengeful god. See, he created humans with free will, which was his masterstroke. But then he kept getting pissed off when they misbehaved…and he interceded, in ways that looked very much like war. Against The People. Re-read the tale of Joseph and his many-colored coat. It turns out he came to a very happy conclusion, when he advised the Egyptian Pharaoh to get the Egyptian population to SELL THEMSELVES to him, the Pharaoh, AS SLAVES. The Pharaoh was overjoyed at this brilliant suggestion…and made it so. And then, the Old Testament says, Joseph was reunited with his disaffected family and they all lived happily ever after.

So yes, I have strong doubts that this war in Israel is only what it appears to be. On the ground, yes. But that’s where elites engineer the destruction from a higher level.

But this is just me talking. Feel free to look at the war as a life and death horror and NOTHING ELSE. NOTHING ELSE AT ALL.”