Mandated Belief – Climate Emergency is the Twin of the Virus Fraud

The world is under threat from Mr Global, the loose convergent interests of psychopaths that have been skulking for decades in the sewers of the world’s body politic and finally been forced into the open by their own over-reach.

The engagement by these creatures of the name of science has defiled the meaning of the word. The proclamation of their pronouncements as scientific “settled science” and therefore beyond discussion and mandatory, is the corruption of everything science stands for. Science is always testing hypotheses and open to change and to the debate that produces it.

This interview with one of the founders of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, who resigned in dismay as the organisation was taken over by the deep stupidity of the climate, – then “crisis”, now “emergency”, – agenda, frames the present position. Neither climate nor public health have diddly squat to do with what this group of evil people and millions of their unfortunate gulls on both virus and warmism are doing. It is worth a careful review. It is not right wing propaganda, it is simply the view of an intelligent, informed and highly trained individual calling bullshit. I applaud it.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans