Minds Caught in a Steel Trap

Paul Craig Roberts Drops Some Truth

Ostober 5th 2022

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“In America today it is no longer possible for liberals and conservatives, left and right, Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites, men and women to debate issues. The reason is that for liberals, leftists, Democrats, blacks, and feminists the issues are settled.  Conservatives and Republicans are racists, white supremacists, colonialists, and threats to American democracy. Heterosexual men are misogynists. There is nothing to talk about.  The guilty parties are known, as are the voices of truth. In place of debate the guilty parties are censored and silenced, which is the job of print, TV, the FBI, employers, and social media.

Feminists teach women to hate men. White liberals teach blacks to hate white people. Woke leftists infuse white kids with guilt and teach them to hate themselves and their parents and to accept privileges awarded to the “oppressed.” Gender depends on what you claim to be, not on biology or your body parts.  A society this confused and disunited by mutual hate is incapable of going to war with real nations like Russia, China, Iran.

I once was a university professor, a member of the Congressional staff, an Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, an advisor to J.P. Morgan Guaranty Trust, a Wall Street Journal editor and columnist, a Business Week columnist, a columnist for the Scripts Howard News Service, a columnist for Creator’s Syndicate.  Today my voice is limited to the Internet and to foreign publications and news services.

American media and magazines keep their distance as I don’t agree with the official narratives, every one of which is a blatant lie.

During the George W. Bush regime, my Internet voice was wider. I was a featured writer for CounterPunch and OpEdNews, because they approved of my holding the Bush regime accountable for the lies it used to attack Middle East countries.  But when Obama did the same thing and I held Obams’s regime to the same standard, away I went from leftwing Internet sites. 

Why did this happen?  How did I become unpopular at CounterPunch when Alex Cockburn had collected my articles and published them as a CounterPunch book?  Was CounterPunch (and OpEdNews) only opposed to Republican wars against the Arabs, but not against Democrat wars against the same people?  It turned out that war wasn’t the issue.  To the left the Bush regime represented white America, evil, racist, misogynist, colonialist, so my criticisms of  Bush regime policies fit the left’s mindset.

But it didn’t fit when the Democrats continued the policy under the same impetus from the Israel Lobby and military/security complex. Why?

The reason is that the Democrats have allied with the leftwing’s attack not only on America but also on the entirety of  white Western Civilization.  The American left was not, under any conditions, going to weaken the Democrats’ attack on “evil America” by criticizing Obama’s wars against people of color in the Middle East and northern Africa.

Here we have it, the Western world has been lost to the leftwing’s desire to replace nations with a Tower of Babel, to replace normality with perversity, to replace truth with lies that support an evil ideology, and the replacement of justice with vengeance against demonized parties.

Towers of Babel have no unity.  The destruction of unity is the Democrats’ aim.  Not only do Democrats champion open borders that serve to replace white American citizens while draining their pocketbooks for support for immigrant invaders, but also Democrats champion Identity Politics which guarantees that there will be no unity of the population. The former Marxian victim–the working class–is today the MAGA Republican victimizer against whom Biden and the FBI have declared civil war.

Washington in its stupidity seems to be inclined to conduct a war against Russia while it conducts a civil war against  half  of its own population. The 21st century began in violence and will continue in that mode.”