Mr Global Ignores the Rules – So Should We.

I have got to a tipping point moment in this rapidly developing tragedy. The facts are now clear to any person who cares to seek the facts. And the one stark reality among the rest of the terrible truth is that Mr Global, that loose affiliation of evil, has not paused for a moment and will not listen, and will go right on with his monstrous pantomime, whatever may be said. He is playing for keeps, knowing that for him to lose will send the darkness back a very long way.

Endless repetitions of aspects of the outrage, whether it’s the wholesale slaughter of the elderly, the injection of our infants (and us) with poison, the terrorism of the bought media, – CNN today, for example, “reporting” that vaccines actually make you healthier, while 150,000 Americans at least have already died from them, or any of the other corruption, do nothing whatever to remedy the situation.

We can either go on wringing our hands and saying how wicked these bastards are, or we can do something about it. That is the mammoth in the cave, and we all know it. And we all know the risk of massive upheaval if we do so.

But we must face that demand upon our courage, and do so as soon as possible. If people simply refuse to cooperate in any way with the psychopaths’ forces it will stop them in their tracks. And we should pursue such remaining legal avenues that remain open with vigour, The longer we tremble and obey, even in small ways, the greater the eventual cost will be.

The anti-racketeering law in the US is as perfectly designed to deal with Gates, Fauci and the pharma mafia as it was to deal with Al Capone. It simply needs to be applied. There are similar criminal laws elsewhere. It is only 20 years since Gates was exposed as the toxic, malevolently calculating creature that he is in the Department of Justice’s cross examination. He and his friends have betrayed the humanity which in its naivety has allowed them the immense power of wealth that is far beyond what could ever be justified. No-one “earns” such money. It is quite simply an offense against the billions of others and against the nature of humanity itself.

These people are already ripe for prosecution for the most serious crimes in the legal canon of the world’s civilisations. Let us refuse any cooperation with governments until Mr Global is in his shirt and barefoot and begging for alms.