Mr Global Shows his Yellow Media Teeth

The Liars do not want us to hear anything but their lies. And to do that they are happy to treat the internet in exactly the same way as the CCP in China. Not only has Youtube cut its RT channel, but every Russian website from which we might hear a Russian point of view is being either cut or crippled here in UK and no doubt elsewhere.

NATO will no doubt be delighted.

So there we have it. Biden, Johnson and the rest of the Globalists have adopted the tactics of a country whose human rights they have been “criticising” in an effort to further totalitarian control and enslavement of the rest of us. Their terror of us drives them further and further towards madness, a madness that for them will lead to terminal consequences. That it will hurt us terribly too has already been shown in the thousands. But we shall prevail, and I believe sooner that we all realise, as the true bloody nature of their sustained attack on us gets clearer and clearer.

The only difference between Putin and these people is clear, and it is not a comparison that does credit to the gangsters polluting our own homelands.

The distressing suffering of the people in Ukraine now, and the thousands of deaths in Donbass over the last 8 years, are the direct responsibility of the people who arrogate these powers today. All the disgusting lies in the world will not change that reality.