My Letter to The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London

I hope many will press their local law officers to take action on this.

2nd December 2021

Dear Commissioner,

The Promotion and Delivery of MRNA injectates

I am writing to you to ask you please to note that recent metrics from the ONS show that in recent months the all-causes mortality among people in the under 60 group in England is twice as high among those who have received the injectates as those who have not, properly weighted for the difference of numbers of the two groups.

In addition the last two weeks has seen peer-reviewed research from a top US group published in Circulation, a highly respected cardio and cardio-vascular medical journal that states unequivocally in the Abstract that the injectates dramatically increase inflammation of the cardiac tissues and likely account for the many cardiac issues experienced by people injected.

It has therefore become clear that harm from the use of the injectates is foreseeable, and the programme of promotion and delivery of them needs to be ceased until their safety can be assured by independent research. It is also clear that anybody now promoting or delivering, let alone mandating the injectates, is committing a serious criminal offence now that these facts are established.

I need hardly tell you, I hope, that the rule of law must be upheld without fear or favour. There are powerful interests that would like to obfuscate the truth of these matters, but if our society is to survive without disaster those interests must be made to obey the law as well as every other person and body.

Please endorse and recommend to government an immediate moratorium on the use of the injectates as a matter of criminal law.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Wynne Evans

Cressida Dick

Metropolitan Police Commissioner

New Scotland Yard

Victoria Embankment

 London SW1A 2JL