Omicron – O mi another con! Stop engaging with liars!

The hypnotism of the Liars continues. We now know that the WHO are liars and probably not just on the subject of the virus. We know that the public health regimes of the US, the UK and very many other countries are liars. And we know that last year all causes mortality was lower in 2020 than it was in 2019. So whether CV19 exists (and the evidence seems to be that it does not as such) we can consider it to all intents and purposes as re-branded flu. And as we all get flu every year the titanic amounts of treasure and energy being wasted on endless bullshit debate to keep the liars’ plates spinning is pointless.

Even the lengthy disquisitions coming out confirming that the injectates are killing people are being made redundant by our experience.

The only place for learned debate now is in the criminal courts in evidence against the evil people who have imagined this outrage and the subversive parallel world they have been nursing for decades.

Variant, shmariant! When I was 18, 80,000 Britons died of flu without Fauci getting a penny. And many of those who recovered had “long Covid”.

Let’s stop discussion and stop compliance and start the path to prosecution and de-lousing of our public life.