Powerful Reflections from the Doyen of Cosmic, Earth and Human Energy

Rory Duff is a geobiologist – an occupation that brings him hard up against the globalist evil. His remarkable insights deserve the fullest attention, I consider.

Rory Duff newsletter published 30April22
Michael Jackson performing at the Super Bowl 27th at the Rose Bowl on January 31, 1993 in Pasadena, California. Photo by Celebrity photographer Steve Granitz from WireImage (https://www.instagram.com/stevegranitz/?hl=en)

Rory Duff May & June Newsletter 2020

Hi to you all

Thank you for choosing to read this newsletter and for giving me a chance to share some of my thoughts on what is going on in the World. Thank you too for the many kind comments and messages you have sent in the last few weeks. I would really like to be able to get back to them all but I am not sure that is going to be possible – so please accept my apologies for that if you don’t hear from me. The amount of work that has now come my way is something I am very grateful for but it has meant that for the moment, I can only write these newsletters every two months – hence this one being for both May and June.

For those of you who are new to these newsletters, they are also about what we must be doing to get ready for the energetic transformations that have already started and which will be growing stronger in the months & years to come.

Regular readers will know exactly what that means but for those of you who are not, it is the advancing galactic current sheet that comes round roughly every 12,000 years which brings with it an evolutionary change in consciousness. Personally, I think that we entered a 7 year transition zone back in 2017 when all the energy lines suddenly doubled their width due to a huge surge in cosmic energy.  

By December 2024, I think we will be fully in it. That date is what is projected to be when all the different frequencies of the energy lines move into a continuous, all year round harmony, at one ultra-low vibration. The implications of this we are still not sure about, but I see it as the start of an exciting time of a whole new learning curve when we really begin to learn more about ourselves and our capabilities and about the true nature of reality.

The galactic current sheet brings increasing plasma, more cosmic energy/rays and dust. Increasing amounts of the latter have already been picked up. Just what all this brings with it, is also something we are beginning to find out about. Studying the Universal prophecies is one way, but beginning to look for our own signs of transition and transformation is another.

Scientists have calculated that, at our distance from the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, it will take our solar system 200 years to pass through it and this will be life changing in many ways – so yes we need to prepare. (This feels very much like the Yoke between the Yugas to me but more of that another time)

I have written about the reversal zone in the middle of the current sheet where there is a change from positive to negative electromagnetic current and it is debateable exactly when we will enter this central zone. It could well be 30 years away still. This is likely to destabilise our Sun in ways that could be both positive and negative for us. Finding out more about this is one of our tasks ahead.

If the Universal prophecies are correct, we will first experience a red Sun of purification. What we are also told though is that we must help prepare ourselves, and others around us, in mental, emotional and spiritual ways for this. I am now of the belief that this red Sun will be an extremely positive experience and that we also still have to time to prepare.

This newsletter focuses on perhaps the most important piece of this preparation that we can all do. But first……….

The great Michael Jackson is who I have chosen to begin this newsletter with. Don’t be misled though by all the bad publicity he attracted towards the end of his life, the mainstream media in the West contain some of the most corrupt people in the World who are paid to lie, lie and lie again on many subjects whilst maintaining a deafening silence about other glaring problems in the World.

As to why, we will touch on the single number one reason behind all of this later on, but this newsletter instead aims to be as positive as I can make it for important reasons. This is also something I will also cover later on …….but first we need to do a reality check.

Michael Jackson was attracting huge audiences Worldwide but he had started to do something that the global psychopaths just did not want happening. It was why they had to crush him. This was not about the words he sang though – it was something much deeper. I will mention four of his huge hits – one at a time throughout this letter – each will explain a bit more.

I have added links to these four songs too which I would really recommend you take time to listen to as they are truly uplifting.

Also in this newsletter in the science section, we take a look at why people might have drawn haloes around spiritual people. This links with why are we have been told in the past of highly spiritual people seemingly becoming luminous. They had a glow about them that was definably visible.

This leads to the rather intriguing question about whether enlightenment is something that we will soon be able to see in some people…..some well-known people seemed to have thought this would be the case.

There is a surprising link here with part of one of the Universal prophecies as well as strong new support from some scientific observations – the latter links nicely to the theme of this newsletter which is about heart awareness and, if you have not already guessed, there is a strong music theme to this newsletter with lots of suggested songs for you to relive and enjoy.

In the books section, which links nicely to this, I am actually going to write about two books – both with exactly the same title but by different authors. Both are gems. One has some wonderful exercises that will really help you in your preparations and the other is about one exercise that really helps bring about resonance at sacred site meditation.  

Both these books and their information were kindly made aware to me through exploring synchronicity.

(If you would like to know more about how to increase your synchronicity, you might like to try reading my book The Grail Hunter – it covers just how exploring synchronicity can help you find your true path in life. Click here for more on this)

The 1st acausal event came just two days after my awareness and dowsing course in Bath on the 13th April. I will mention more about where this led in my Earth energy section. This being the 1st event of course was not something I was aware of that the time as the 2nd event had not yet occurred. This can be where many synchronicities in life are missed as you sometimes need to explore moments of ‘given’ intuition – these thoughts cannot really be considered as are ‘own’.

The 2nd acausal event came kindly from one of Pam Gregory’s social media posts on 17th March.  She had intuitively shared a post by a lady called Katherine Watkins. Again something deep within tugged away at me to dig deeper and soon I was drawn into, and engrossed, by what I read and found. I will share some of this information in the science section too as it led to finding out about the books in the book section. (If you are not aware of Pam’s wonderful work in Astrology click on her name above to join the hundreds of thousands of subscribers she now has.)
In the Earth Energies section, I will share with you a couple of recent findings.

Firstly, it is about feeling the energy lines and how doing this just may be able to signpost, in advance, any possible health problems that may arise from the imbalances within us that can lead to illness. This links to the Moon phase lines and the awareness centres in our body and just perhaps why people in our past brewed potions in the moonlight. The Heart centred awareness covered here was what was beginning to emerge as the theme in this letter as I was learning more about some of the connections.

The second part of the Earth energy section is yet another re-discovery of a 4th order node at an ancient site that was totally unexpected as I tracked two type 4 energy alignments that were heading to cross over each other there.

As to where, well it happens to be in a country that just keeps sharing more and more of its energetic treasures – Spain. This will be the first time I have written anything anywhere about these two type 4 leys as well.

In the Social Media section, I will give you an update on the progress of the Sacred Network and what has been achieved so far and I wanted to share with you three short videos.

In the ‘Other’ section, I have ended the newsletter by trying to give you a little taste of what is to come. I managed to take a break over the Easter weekend to spend an afternoon with my wife cycling through an idyllic marshland area in the UK and it got me to thinking about our collective journey and what was also possible for all humanity. See if you can guess where from the image below.

The afternoon made me think of another wonderful song by another artist and I make no excuse for adding a 5th piece of music in this newsletter in this last section and I am hoping it will give you a taste of where we are heading both energetically and in evolutionary ways.

But first………….

Why Michael Jackson had to be discredited – part one
Michael Jackson once said to one of his crewmembers “I can’t get ill, I can’t let my fans down. I’ve got concerts coming up. I’m on this earth for a reason. I mustn’t damage my voice, I’ve got to stay healthy, I don’t know who I’m going to encounter today, I don’t know what I might pass on.”
He knew he was on a mission and I think he did everything he needed to – we just need to let him live on in our hearts by feeling his songs as well as listening to them.

The first one I wanted to draw your attention to is called
They don’t really care about us

Here are just some of the relevant lyrics that he sings in this song
All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us
Don’t worry what people say, we know the truth
Beat me, hate me
You can never break me


For me this sets the scene in regards to how resolute we must be in the face of the extremist policies that have been thrown at us around the World and it serves too as a reminder of how we must stand firm against more of the cabal’s increasing madness in the future as their fear rises at losing more and more control.

Michael Jackson knew all about the fight for the truth against all the lies that was being spread about him by the mainstream media and their paymasters.

Today, we are finding the same. They don’t care about us – all they care about is themselves and staying in power and for these people it is all about money as money, to them, means power.

The problem they face is that their ‘Keynsianism’ fiat monetary system is failing and it’s failing fast. They have printed far too much paper and its enemy – inflation is now here and it is rapidly rising.

First they tackled this by reducing interest rates in a coordinated way all around the developed World. This worked for a while but it ran into trouble when they realised that they had to take interest rates into negative territory. The obvious problem here was that people started taking their money out of the banks and buying assets. (This increased asset price inflation)

Their next aim was to develop central bank digital currency but crypto currencies came along and were far, far better for people as they were transparent and people could transact between each other (peer to peer) without needing a bank. This is now too late to be stopped so they are going down the regulation route – stalling everything as fast as they can.

The tried and tested way to get out of all financial problems like this in the past is to go to war. This too was proving difficult unless they had support. Enter now the incredible lies from the politicians and the Western mainstream media. You see the Military Industrial Complex learnt from losing their war in Vietnam (The Tonkin gulf incident has now proven to have been a false flag attack started by them to initiate the war).

What they learnt was that the minds of the public were turning away from supporting them – the media had turned against the Vietnam war. This could never be allowed to happen again so their very wealthy shareholders set out to own the whole of Western media and to shut down any opposing narrative.

You see they need us to believe their single narrative and they have now realised that there is only one way left to save their financial system and to remain in power. They are calling it the great reset and the New World Order but for that to work, they need to control and own all the assets and all currencies in the World.

Unfortunately for the psychopaths, Russia, China and a few other countries are now standing in their way as they prefer a multi-polar World. This is going to mean that Inflation is about to get really out of control. (Some breaking news here:- In the last week Russia and China have announced that they are tying the Yuan and the Ruble to gold and to several other commodities like Gas and Oil. This gets around the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and their artificial suppression of the gold price to protect their fiat system. Essentially we are heading towards a World with two financial systems 0ne supported by Gold and Commodities; the other supported by the Military Industrial Complex. It is likely that any 3rd World country who suffers from high inflation will choose the hard currency route. That will lead to the collapse the US dollar)

What is also hindering their ability to take us into another global war is that many of us have friends all around the World and social media has made us all much more interactive. This has meant that we can now ‘fact’ check for ourselves with our friends in foreign countries. We can see more clearly the ‘porkie pies’ they peddle. They are in a pickle.

The phrase ‘pickled pepper porkie pie peddlars’ comes to mind – try saying that fast.

The madness that surrounds them means that they are now trying to sell us the need for World War three.

What really stands in their way though is the biggest threat to their control system. This is not China and Russia though. It is also not just about people who do not believe their lies. They have enough control over 70% of people to ensure they believe whatever they are told and that is enough for them to go to war.

What truly scares them is found within the 30%.

Of that 30%, there are around 5% of us around the World who have woken up to what is going on. I don’t think they are worried about us just knowing though.

They are not even worried if all 30% come to know their plans either as they know we will be in the minority and they can lie their way through to their goals.

No, what really scares this small group of psychopaths is what the 5% can do – especially with the help of the increasing energetic environment.
You see, NASA and the military industrial complex are fully aware of the 12,000 year re-occurring changes to our solar system. They have been aware of this for over 50 years and have been planning for it. Their aim is to stop us connecting with these energies and evolving our consciousness.
(The 50 years is connected to why they had to collect samples on the moon. With the minimal atmosphere, they knew there was a good chance of finding evidence of these 12,000 cycles in the micro-tecktites that can be found in the surface soil there. These were found to contain elements that could only have been form whilst rapidly exiting the Sun)

What is really concerning to the psychopaths is something else.

You see if enough of us being to change, there is an automatic knock on effect on those around us and it will not be long before all 30% of the population are not only awakened but they have started feeling much greater empathy, telepathy and intuition and insight.

If that happens, none of their lies are ever going to work anymore and none of their plans will come to fruition. I will write later on about the single most important thing we must now do in order to achieve this common empathy.

You see it is the achievement of common empathy that truly scares them because of what that brings. Empathy is heart based and the heart is the one organ that can tell us the truth and the truth that they are trying to shield from us is the true nature of reality and who we really are in amongst all humanity.

This may not mean much at the moment to some of you but consider here what ‘all humanity’ includes on all the different matter frequency Worlds and all the ‘Beings’ on these Worlds. Add to this the Universal prophecy of ‘The veils between the Worlds coming down’ and you perhaps get to see the bigger picture here. We are not alone.

When this truth emerges, in an environment where many are in a state of common empathy, it will bring freedom, decentralisation, ‘peer to peer’ sharing, everything in fact that threatens their system of power, control, greed and selfishness.

All the 5% have to begin to do, is to come together and share our experiences of how we are feeling these evolutionary changes. This sharing will then help us develop even greater heart centred awareness.
If we do that, we help each other recognise we are not going mad but instead just experiencing another glowing aspect of the reality of nature.
You can perhaps now also see why they have been lying to us across many of the sciences as science used to be all about discovering this true nature.

Their completely unscientific ‘Consensus of Opinion’ amongst ‘carefully selected expert scientists’ is nothing more than more lies to control the narrative and is done to put us off from investigating the very things that we are now experiencing.

More perhaps on some aspects of this in future newsletters but for now we turn to Geobiology – one of the newly emerging sciences.
Earth energies  
There is still so much to discover in Geobiology – the study of how the Earth affects life (That now includes all life amidst all humanity).

Of the many different types of energy lines, the moon phase lines got me thinking new things in March as I ran my first awareness and dowsing course of year in the beautiful city of Bath, UK.

The enigma of these particular lines is that when different people stand on them, and take down their protective field, they can experience a variety of feelings in different parts of their body – Typically types of pain in the forehead, the temples, the throat, the upper chest and heart area, the gut, the solar plexus and even a burning sensation in their feet. Some people even found the feelings to be quite pleasant.

What is strange is that these feelings seem to be more of less intensive at different times in the lunar month. This level of feeling also seems to be different when standing on lines that are heading in different directions.

Two things seem to be at play here. Firstly, there was an effect from the moon’s position in relation to the Earth and secondly, different people are affected in different ways.

Tesla once said that nature gives us both action and reaction and this can surface in ways that are either good for us or not so good for us. If this is true, it started me wondering what the good aspects were for moon phase lines because, for most of my time researching them, these energies were providing real health difficulties for people living or working on them for long periods of time.

This search for a positive benefit though, led me to thinking that, just maybe, there might be a diagnostic side to them and that related remedy might be apparent.

It got me to ask the following question:-

What if these frequencies were also able to show up any weaknesses we have in our body? Perhaps that can provide us with some advance signalling in the areas we need to work on physically and maybe even mentally and emotionally. It is then perhaps the failure to do this that would go on to show up by presenting us with personal medical and or emotional problems in the areas related to where pain was experienced?

You might think here about Dr McCoy (Bones) from Star Trek and his medical diagnostic device that seemingly checked the frequencies of a person’s body in order to determine the nature of the medical problem. Perhaps if certain frequencies in our body were missing in some areas, the addition of these frequencies again might speed up any healing in those areas.

These moon phase lines may well be behaving like Bones’s diagnostic tools.

Maybe our ancestors sensed that, when there were certain phases of the moon, they could use those times, and these lines, to diagnose problems as well as perhaps prepare related remedies. One can imagine how brewing potions in the moonlight on these energy lines, infusing them with the right frequencies and intentions, might just help a person – after all everything is just vibration.

Another reason for mentioning this exercise of feeling these moon phase lines in our body is that it takes me on to mention another aspect of the course that I go teach about in the higher level courses.

This is sensing the awareness of all the different frequencies of all the energy lines in different parts of the body. When you stand on an energy line with a particular frequency – for example a type 1 line, you may pick up a sensation in a particular awareness centre of your body. You then intuitively select a colour to associate that sensation with that area in your body and associate that with the energy line.

With practice, you can then switch on your awareness on and, if you get that feeling and that colour in that awareness centres in your body, you know you are on that type of energy line. It is quite an advanced technique as you don’t need rods or any tools to do this.

Where this now takes us though is to take a look at all possible awareness centres that exist in the body. This however takes me to a subject that often gets me into heaps of trouble – Chakras.

The reason for this being that I like to challenge old ways of thinking by asking questions in order to try and understand these to see if we can progress and update ideas and concepts into new and improved ways of thinking.

With Chakras, I have spent many hours researching them, &r things similar to what they symbolise in other cultures all around the World. Two things stand out.

There are always different numbers of Chakras and they are nearly always envisaged in different ways by different people.

This ranges from the ancient Celts who held there were three cups within us that could be in an upright position, an over turned position or at a half way position all the way to other cultures who state that there are 12 (and more) chakras some of which are even outside the body that look like shining stars.

People seem to stubbornly cling on to what they were originally taught as though their teachers could never be wrong – even after centuries of knowledge being passed down by word of mouth.

If we only learn from our past, and just repeat what was taught, we make no progress in developing what our ancestors, often bravely, gave us as a baseline foundation to build upon.

What I also knew a bit about was how blockages (Banda’s) could arise in the body for various reasons and these would stop or divert the necessary flow of energy vertically up through the body.

If you set your symbolism up correctly, it can be really quite informative when you check your awareness centres – a bit like a traffic light system. In this example, for good deep meditation you would need all your centres to show a green light. An amber light, perhaps in your solar plexus awareness centres might indicate you were still worried about something. This would indicate a form of clearing might be needed before proceeding with your meditation.

This thread of thinking of treating chakras like awareness centres continues in a later section in this newsletter as there is a great need to ground all of this in some kind of truth and reality.

On a final note about these moon phase lines, when it comes to the location checks I do on properties, it is one of the things I always look for. If people are working or sleeping on these lines for too long we always thought that it would lead them to experiencing ill health – In some cases extreme ill health.
I may have to reconsider this way of thinking. It may well be the case that it is possible to live on these lines as long as you change as a person. These lines could be signposting our weaknesses and letting us know we need to do something about them.

If however, we continue to live on these lines and stay as we are by not changing, we are perhaps then opening ourselves up to incurring growing ill health until we are forced into some kind of change.

As with all new sciences, more observations are needed so it is hoped that others will also develop and interest in investigating these areas in the future.

A 4th order node in Galicia

When doing remote mapping of the powerful type 4 energy lines there is a need to find feedback to ensure you are not just making things up.
This is not easy but two of the ways to achieve this is to work with the Universe and to be patient. In this instance I was contacted by a lady called Lottie N. who lived in a region of Galicia right up in the tip of North West Spain.

She asked if I knew of any sacred sites near to where she lived. I get many requests like this but I can really only respond to the ones which come from people who live very close to possible 4th order nodes. I also like to check on any possible synchronicity that might indicate I should follow the next path of action of looking for the node and providing them with the relevant information.

I already know from past mapping where these lines are projected to run across Europe but fine-tuned mapping on much smaller scales to find an actual sacred site, and to find the point of intersection, takes time.

This is also where some synchronicity is needed and, if that is found, I dive in curious to see what can be discovered. The next bit of feedback does not always come along but, when it does, you know immediately because of what you find and, in this case, I was given some great feedback.

(If you are interested in having a sacred site search done and finding a nearby site you and your group can meditate around, please do go to my sacred site search page on my website – click here for the page – In these searches I go far further than just finding the nearest 4th order node, I show the connections to the Emperor Dragons and all the sacred sites on the way from them to your local sacred site which aims to be within 30 mins from where you live)

In this case though, I was already aware of a type 4 alignment that ran roughly East West all the way to the North of Girona on the East coast of Spain overlooking the Mediterranean sea and very close to the border with France. 

Girona is one of the places, I have wanted to go to ever since I read Patrice Chaplin’s book ‘City of Secrets’. It tells of the time she spent there in her youth and the mysteries and discoveries she made both in that area and in Rennes le Chateau just across the border in France.

One of the areas that got constantly mentioned in the book was a particular sacred mountain – one that a friend of mine had been up (Thanks James G-F.) and who also kindly drew it to my attention.

He had told me about the strong energies he had experienced up there so I therefore knew it was likely to be a powerful sacred site and I logged it away for future reference.

There is a cross on the summit of this mountain and every year, for many hundreds of years, the locals would go up to the summit on the night before St John’s day. (St John’s day is the first day of the Sun’s next quarterly cycle – the Summer Solstice.) They would then fly their flag on top of their mountain and people throughout the region would light bonfires.

This night before the Solstice was of course the same day as the ancient Hebrew Holy day – the Tekufah and one of the four days in the years when all the energy lines came into harmony (That is until the Summer of 2017 when the harmony time started to extend to 1 ½ days, then 3 days and now it is 15 days long.) More about this can be read in my book Grail Found – Click here for more details on that

For those of you who have not already guessed, this is the sacred mountain of the Catalans called Mount Canigou and the type 4 alignment that ran through here and crosses the Southern part of the Pyrenees mountains, though Oviedo in Northern Spain and all the way to this 4th order node in the mountains.

For it to be a 4th order node it needed to intersect another type 4 alignment and this really was a special one.

Several years ago I made a documentary called Holy Grail found which was about a 900 year old Knights Templar quest to find their Holy Grail. The video shows the strategy they seemed to be using – which was following the straight alignments – the Leys. One of their sites featured in this video and it meant making the trip over to that location to do some filming there (You can watch the documentary by clicking on this link)

This location was Chartres Cathedral – a 4th order node in its own right. The type 4 alignment from there headed right down to the North West tip of Spain to – all the way to another well-known sacred site – Santiago de Compostela.

This is the famous end point for the pilgimage called ‘The Camino’. In truth though, originally there were several sacred paths that people used to take in the old days to get to this sacred site and each of these paths ran alongside strong energy lines.

We know this as the paths were represented on the pilgrims hats with a special emblem or symbol – the scallop shell. Each of the ribs of the scallop shell all meet at the umbo of the bivalve and it was this point that represented the sacred site, whilst all of the shells ‘ribs’ represented each one of the Sacred paths. Strong 4th order nodes do not just have two pairs of type 4 energy lines crossing there. There are generally between 4 to 8 pairs of type 3 lines as well. Given the location is in the tip of Spain, this leaves at least 8 paths the pilgrims could walk along – just like ribs on a scallop shell. 

Santiago de Compostela is also known as one of the top 5 holiest sites in the Christian World. The others are Jerusalem, Rome, Santa Toribio de Liebana (Also in Northern Spain) and Caravaca de la Cruz (in South East Spain and also covered in my Holy Grail found documentary). I mention this as you may now just begin to imagine the power these places can put out – if people pray and meditate on them.

With these two type 4 alignments now crossing over each other, I had long since wondered what might be found there. The recent request that was made told me that now was the right time to find out and that there would be people on the ground who would be able to go there and form regular group meditations at the node.

You might now imagine my surprise at finding such a large stone circle all the way up in the Galician mountains.

Some Archaeologists have suggested that people may have once even lived in buildings up this high and that this was why there was a large oblong / Ring of stones here.

For me though, the name of the place gave me the answer. It is called Prado das Chantas, which when you translate it from Portuguese means ‘Meadow of Chants’.

Someone back in time must have known that people used to chant in this meadow and if they did that, it was highly likely to have been part of an exercise in prayer and meditation.

The last two images were kindly sent to me by Lottie who recently went to visit the stone circle with her husband Pete.

Her story of how they found the place and her descriptions, I have to say, were captivating. Aside from this stone circle they came across another one nearby as well as what must have been a sacred pool of water as it had strong energy lines running through it.

I have to say I was slightly concerned that they would have trouble finding the actual node for one reason. As you can see in the images, it is an extremely large circle of stones and the node could have been anywhere in the central area (They are often not in the very centre). It was an unnecessary concern though as their dowsing skills were good enough to find it. In her own words, here is a short extract from the message she kindly sent me:-

“…. the Ancients had left several clues to as to where these large energy lines were coming from. It appears that they’d used marker stones in several places that directly tally with the lines that we found, and there was a line of stones, some buried, running up from the big stone boulder pile at the bottom of the field going up to the circle.”  

 “In meditation everything seemed amplified to me but my heart soared when I heard the lark up above me singing his heart out …Prado das Chantas indeed”
With the size of this circle, I sensed that many, many people must have gathered here regularly in the past.

Just imagining groups of people gathering in peaceful loving harmony in these beautiful mountains brings me to the second of Michael Jackson’s great songs that upset the globalists.

Michael was thinking of nature when he wrote this and of the terrible things that were being done to it by these psychopaths.

Why Michael Jackson had to be discredited – part 2

The following are just some of the lyrics from this song. I would really suggest reading them before listening to the song and, at the end, try noting where your feelings are, and in which awareness centres they are, in your body.
Earth Song
What about sunrise?
What about rain?
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain?
What about killing fields?
Is there a time?
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine?
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we’ve shed before?
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth, these weeping shores?
What have we done to the world?
Look what we’ve done
What about all the peace
That you pledge your only son?
What about flowering fields?
Is there a time?
What about all the dreams
That you said was yours and mine?
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war?
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth, these weeping shores?
Hey, what about yesterday?
What about the seas?
The heavens are falling down
What about apathy?
What about nature’s worth?
What about animals?
We’ve turned kingdoms to dust
What about elephants?
Have we lost their trust

What about crying whales?
We’re ravaging the seas
What about forest trails?
Burnt despite our pleas

What about the holy land?
Torn apart by creed
What about the common man?
Can’t we set him free?

What about children dying?
Can’t you hear them cry?
Where did we go wrong?
Someone tell me why

What about baby boy?
What about the days?
What about all their joy?
What about the man?

What about the crying man?
What about Abraham?
What about death again?
Do we give a damn?

Songwriters: Jackson Michael Joe
Earth Song lyrics © Mijac Music

Having listened to the song and noted how and where you feel it, we can progress to look at the probable science behind what is going.


Before even embarking on this section, we must recognise that intentional lies also exist within the mainstream sphere of science as well and there is a strong need to dismiss some large parts of wrong thinking.

The big bang is an impossibility with flaws in the mathematics behind it due to some mathematicians not having any regard for conceptual logic. (They do not possess the training, the knowledge and the experience of an Engineer).

For those of you who would point to the Microwave Background radiation found by Penzias and Wilson (P&W) being the remnant temperature after the big bang, I would point you to the work of MRI machine inventor Dr Pierre Robitaille who understands black body radiation far better than nearly all scientists. He quite clearly shows that the antenna that P&W were using was unable to isolate out all the background radiation from around the ground near to the antenna. They were therefore only picking up the remnant temperature around where their experiment was taking place – A disastrous misdirection of science then took place. (This 8min video by Dr Robitaille will give you more information and direct you further https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O13ApQvUfb8&t=8s)

Dark Matter has still not been found. Mainstream science need to find this to explain why the Universe is still expanding at an ever increasing rate. In other words it was something they just invented but, have from that point onwards, completely failed to find it – despite billions of tax payer cash being spent.

You see galaxies and stars cannot come together to form planets unless there is enough gravitational pull for them to do so against their ‘supposed’ initial expansive explosion. Their previous theory suggested the Universe would end in a big crunch but that went out the window with the observations on supernovae that showed this increasing expansion. It was at this point that they made up the idea of dark matter.

Unfortunately for these misguided scientists, astronomical observations after that, showed that there were large scale flashing gamma ray bursts that were found in huge large scale structures. These structures were so big that the time taken by light to go from one side to the other side of the structure was almost as old as there maximum possible age for when the big bang had to occur. This now left no time for these structures to have time to be made in the first place.

This all meant that the age of the universe had to be much older than was possible with a big bang starting it all.

You see with a big bang and the fixed rate of expansion seen, there has to be a maximum possible age for the Universe of 13.8 billion years. That is not possible now so we have another reason to chuck out the big bang theory.

Black holes, Singularities, Worm holes are all also completely ‘unfalsifiable’ so, according to the great philosophers of Science Karl Popper (1902-1994), they are really pseudoscience. ‘Unfalsifiable’ means they can never be proved or disproved – but mainstream science will never admit this, or even mention this.

They also have no agreed theory of quantum gravity – their ‘holy grail’ in science to bring together the ‘force’ of gravity (But no graviton particles have ever been found or measured – it is just a theory) with the particles found in quantum mechanics.

All their research is based on looking into quantum theory to see how that can be adapted to fit with relativity theory to reach this grand unified theory of quantum gravity.

They are not spending any money on looking at adapting relativity theory, or in finding an alternative – you see relativity theory has evolved into their ‘holy cow’ and can now be called their relativity religion where their high priest scientist’s hold their hands up in the air and shout ‘You have to believe us’.

These high priests talk of ‘multiple universes’ and ‘multiple dimensions’ that can never connect up with one another and, which again, can never be again be proved or disproved.

Their pseudoscience has become their religion.

All this pseudoscience of multiple dimension and universe is just made up so they can make their mathematics work to link with quantum gravity in order to stop any investigation into any background medium like the Ether. Investigations into the energy potential of the Ether had to be stopped as soon as they realised what Tesla had discovered.

In addition to that they take what is called a ‘Reductionist’ approach and state that Mind is all just a function of the brain and nothing else.

They go on to therefore say that there is no ‘survival after death’ and that stories of life existing after dead, and any ‘Out of body experiences’ (OBE’s) are just tricks of the mind which means to them they are really tricks of the brain.

You can now perhaps see why I am one of a growing number of people that hold many areas of mainstream science in such a low regards. Their heavily biased scientific review system serves to maintain their preferred narrative so they can safeguard future large amounts of funding whilst also preserving their ego’s and their status.

What they are essentially doing is placing all of humanities ‘Eggs in one basket’. Having two or more competing theories to me is a much more logical approach in the World.

This logical approach however is not at all desirable when one party seeks total control over everyone else. To do that, they need total control by establishing only one narrative.
Having written all that, the good news is that we have a perfectly good theory of quantum gravity and a good theory of the creation of the universe. Mainstream Science do not like it because it does not need relativity at all, it explains how intelligence must have arisen behind the creation of the Universe and it explains all observations like ‘Survival after death’. I have written about that before and you can catch more of this in my book Grail Bound.

With all this in mind, we can now come to look at an experiment that goes a long way towards explaining  just why people drew haloes around very spiritual people in the past in their paintings and stained glass windows.
We can now also proceed in the full knowledge that we have a science that supports this.
These are experiments on Heart light and I have written about them from an article titled:-


A link is provided here:- https://journals.sfu.ca/seemj/index.php/seemj/article/view/52

I came across this report back on the 17th March by reading a social media post by perhaps one of the World’s best known current day astrologers – Pam Gregory.

I had been wondering about how energy lines might be helping us discover more about our body’s ‘Awareness centres’ – the heart being one of them and so, with the possibility of a synchronicity brewing,  I felt that this article might lead to more information on this.

Luminosity was also something I had been coming across more recently in several other areas – even in the Universal prophecies (I will cover one of these later on). So I was interested to see what might be learnt in this regard.

What I read in the article turned out to contain a little gem of relevant information.
Meditation module information on heart centred meditation effects

Research at the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen in Germany, in 1997, showed that it was possible to produce visible light from the chest area with heart centred meditation.

A sustained light emission of 100,000 photons per second was measured, where only the background count of 20 photons per second was observed without meditation.

The meditation done was to draw energy up the spine from the earth by using a strong inhalation with that visualization. Then the breath is held, with attention placed above the crown.

The exhalation is then full and complete, forcing energy down from above the crown into the spine and then out from the heart. It is an energetic meditation that results in a feeling of ecstasy and radiance.

There is sometimes the sensation of having a miniature sun in the chest.
The little gem

The measurements at the University also showed one more important factor – one of need. Initially there were just some brief and erratic measurements of 37,000 to 45,000 photons per second during th meditation.

There were also periods of 10 to 20 minutes with no readings. None of the early meditations produced consistent results, yet all produced light at some times

However when the meditator did a healing meditation by mentally placing an actual sick boy in front of himself and “sent light” to the boy on the exhalation phase of his breathing and imaging this light energy coming from his heart, the measurements of light shot up much higher.

The computer now measured 100,000 photons/second consistently for half an hour, until this healing meditation was stopped.

Light generation was therefore achieved through a combination of effective meditation with the intention of sending light to a specific patient in need of healing.

If you would like to read a pdf of a report on this experiment titled VISIBLE LIGHT RADIATED FROM THE HEART WITH HEART RHYTHM MEDITATION – click here

These observations can be possibly explained by an important and necessary two way resonance between two hearts something other researchers are now calling heart coherence and something that can now begin to explain the possible phenomenon of luminosity. (Heart coherence was covered in my last newsletter)

It would appear that if we become good at generating an awareness within our heart, along with resonance and the right intention to send healing love to someone, our hearts and by default our whole body might well start to emanate light out in all directions.

As we wear clothes, it is likely that the most noticeable effect would be up around the head and this is why halos would have been noticed – especially by those who were also more aware at that same moment in time – perhaps those who were also joined in meditation with the person emanating light.

Scientifically we must now ask how and this is where we can go back to what I have covered in previous newsletters in regards to Heart vortex rings, Solitons and directional intent. This alone is not enough though as there is one more interesting effect to mention.

This is when there are two vortex rings move into resonance with one another. Think here of the meditator moving, through breathing and intent, their own heart vortex ring frequency into resonance with the vortex ring frequency in the heart of a sick person.
The effects from doing this is actually something that has some precedence from research done into Electromagnetism and two vortex coils in resonance.

If you are not already familiar with Daniel and Erica Nunez and their observations and discoveries with copper wire vortex coils when they are in resonance, I have added links to short videos below.

Essentially they made vortex rings with copper wires running in both ways in a coil and then placing one vertically above the other, without touching.

They then pass electrical current through both coils at the same frequency so that resonance occurs.

The effects leading on from this resonance, because of the two coils being in a certain position to each other, shows an amplification of power that cannot be measured with only one vortex coil. Other effects like unipolar magnetism have also measured at certain parts around the upper coil.
This amplification is certainly what happened with the increasing photons of light measured coming out from the heart of the meditator.

Something different has definitely happened in the two copper vortex coils, and with the meditator, and there is clear evidence in both cases for extra electromagnetic energy being generated by having two resonant vortex rings.

Here are some links should you wish to investigate further:-
https://vimeo.com/84933971 Open Ended Resonance (Vortex coil)

Daniel in this last video mentions a strange wireless induction anomaly. Most coils oscillate a magnetic field in both directions evenly. Here we see the exact opposite. The electromagnetic induction is suppressed on one side due to the flip of the winding pattern on the receiving coil.
It is here that I would remind you what we find at sacred sites where we have symmetrical arrangements of earth energy lines at times of harmony.

The cylinder of energy, that is found nearly all year round, collapses into a double torus shape. This double torus shape is exactly like the two vortex ring coils stacked one above the other in the video. When we meditate, if we want to attain resonance with these Earth energy vortex coils, we must now also learn to move our hearts into resonance through the right breathing and the right intent.

If you have been managing to read my social media posts under #thegeobiologist (click here), you will see that there are really a series of vertically stacked double torii and that our ancestors seem to know this which is why they build round towers and initiation wells down into the ground at these sacred sites. It was their way of being able to meditate at different heights so therefore at, and within, different double torii.
One of the things that was discovered many years ago by a group of us meditating at the nodes during these harmony times was that when we finished extra energy was found through dowsing to be coming out of the torus. It was later thought to be unmanifest energy – energy that had been still coming through that had not had resonant intent added to it.

So it would appear that, when we are able to meditate when in the presence of another vortex ring, our own vortex rings can, if we use the right methodology, come into resonance with that other vortex ring. When this happens, it would appear that extra energy comes through.

In the case of the meditator in the experiment, as soon as their intent had connected with the young boy and their vortex energy field, resonance was possible.

Meditation on a sacred site is seen as the same here to and why that is also advantageous. This time the heart resonance / social resonance is not only just going to occur between all the meditators but also between the vortex rings at the node.

Amplification of power, new energy being brought through can now be consider to be coming from the universal consciousness itself via its ultra-low vibrational pathways.

Vibration creates light which creates matter – something that the great Nicola Tesla told us.

This now forms the basis of a hypothesis that might explain increased photons being emitted from the heart whilst it is in resonance with other vortex rings.

With greater meditative effectiveness many more photons of light will be able to be brought through and with that, the observations of people becoming luminous, lighting up have been and are being witnessed.

One record of this actually comes from observations made in China back in the year 781 AD. It was written in ancient texts that the Chinese called Christianity “The Luminous Religion”. The Assyrians at the same time called the luminous religion the religion of light.

This was because of a version of Christianity called Nestorian Christianity had reached China back then. Even the Emperor described it as the “Luminous Religion”.

The Buddhists also seemed to be in on the act of creating light. They described a state of great perfection, called Dzogchen, as having a natural state of luminosity and a “brightly shining mind”.

St Theresa of Avila, in her 4th Devotion of Ecstasy, where the consciousness of being in the body is said to disappear, was also described at times as having a fiery glow.

So it seems that some people in our past displayed huge emissions of photons of light from their hearts. This is something that great visionaries around the World have said is going to happen to many of us in the future.
One of the several universal prophecies that mention this tells us more about this:-
Universal prophecy connection with luminosity

The following is an excerpt from one of these Universal prophecies which came in a vision in 1944

“The best and only thing that mankind can do now is to turn towards God and improve themselves consciously, to elevate their vibratory level  so as to find themselves in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon submerge them.”

“The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything: the matter will be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish, troubles, incertitude, and they will become luminous; everything will be improved, elevated; the thoughts, sentiments and negative acts will be consumed and destroyed.”

In the dialogue and discussion modules I have been trialling, this comes from just one of many universal prophecies from around the World that we study to try and prepare ourselves for what is coming.

This prophecy goes on to imply that if we come together in enough numbers and with the right meditation to bring about heart resonance, we will exhibit luminosity as a wave of purification washes through us.

This is not a negative ‘End of days’ prophecy, this is something far more positive and at the end of this quote we see signs of the Sufi principles of remembrance and attentiveness and why we must end all negative thoughts, sentiments and acts in our hearts.

This now perhaps leads us to the question of just how we can do this heart rhythm meditation and what this is all about.

This same question was on my mind too as I began to explore the synchronicity I mentioned earlier and it was what drove me to look further into finding out more about the meditator in this experiment.

It was here events began to take a strange turn and it looked as though a second synchronicity might be appearing.

I found out that the meditator’s name was Puran Bair and he had been using a Sufi – based meditation based on heart rhythm breathing.

As I had recently be writing about the principle of one particular order of Sufism and their prayers and meditations and comparing that with Gnostic teachings for prayer for the discussion and dialogue modules I am trialling for three groups of people, it intrigued me further so I looked up more information and found he had written a book called Living from the heart. (In another beautiful nod to all this synchronicity Lottie and her husband in Galicia had been following these same Sufi principles from the same order for many years)

A quick search later and I come across a book titled Living from the Heart written by a person called Nirmala. It did not seem like the one I was looking for but I noticed it was all about the body’s different awareness centres – something I had just been pondering in regards to Earth energies being picked up in different parts of the body. (….and now mentioned earlier in this newsletter)

A quick check established the Puran Bair was not Nirmala so I went on to search for his book. I was soon presented with two books with the same title and both with different but relevant and timely information by different authors.

I was now wondering what gems of information they both contained – and more interestingly – just what connected them.

Books sections

So this month, having bought both books, I would like to add a short summary about both of them.

Living from the heart (2008)– Nirmala (Daniel Erway) 
The ‘Living from the Heart’ book consists of three parts that explore living from the spiritual Heart.

Part One is called From the Heart and is about dropping into ‘awareness’.
There are explanations about this and exercises highlighted that you can easily try so you can drop into your heart brain and your belly brain and back into your head brain. You could now consider having a heart mind, a belly mind and a head mind and none of these ‘minds’ come about as a result of organ function.

All instead are connected to the subconscious mind and via that to the universal consciousness.

These simple shifts in perspective can profoundly alter one’s experience of life. Having learnt to switch easily between dropping into each of these areas, the methodology can be applied to drop into other centres of awareness in the body – for example the Ki point – the Hara/the Dan Tien/ the centre of your Abdomen and the centre of your bodies Ki or Chi energy system.

Indeed, having considered this, I have to say that, now we know intelligence exists in all the cells of our body (Bruce Lipton –Epigenetics), we are only really limited in the number of awareness centres that are minds can differentiate between. (I will follow this line of thought later on)

Nirmala says the following about experiencing this awareness. “It turns out it doesn’t matter what you experience; what matters is where you experience it from.”
The second part of the book is titled “The Heart’s Wisdom” and it explains how the Heart is an accurate guide to the truth.

The truth is whatever opens your Heart and quiets your mind. This simple definition cuts to the direct source of wisdom and guidance open to you.
Nirmala says the following in this section “Lies keep us in the head brain. Truth moves us to the heart brain.”
The third part of the book is about Love. The essence of love is experienced most fully when you give your awareness to others, not when you get it from others.

The book is a journey of exploration into what has been called the spiritual Heart.

With all this in mind, you might like to consider these three, and as many more as you can differentiate, ‘Awareness centres’ as now being the same as the ‘Chakras’.

The different numbers of Chakras found explained in different cultures around the World is perhaps becoming more understandable.

These Awareness centres/ Chakras in our bodies are places inside us which allows us to connect with the world around us and to all humanity around us.

They are also our links to the subconscious World.

This now adds in the dimension of communication between our minds in these awareness centres and the subconscious World.

We can use them to obtain feedback on our own health and on the health of those around us – including the environment and what is healthy and what is not.

In addition to that, it would seem we can also influence our environment and those around us by giving our awareness to others.
We can do this most fully with all awareness centres creating a heart centred resonant awareness, with good intent, to help someone that needs help.

Nirmala has an interesting name for his website https://endless-satsang.com/

Satsang means a spiritual discourse & a sacred gathering. It is a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the Truth” or, more simply, “being with the Truth.”

Now gathering for spiritual discourse and ‘being with the truth’ is something that I am sure everyone reading this will be on board with.

The second of the two similarly titled books “Living from the heart” (1989) was written by Puran Bair

Living from the heart – Puran Bair

This book is very much about heart based rhythmic meditation and what it can do for you and for others.

It has to be said that it is a little dated now being 33 years old. There have been more recent rediscoveries and further understandings in that time but it does provide us with a base to begin.

Heart rhythm breathing falls under the general category of ‘Paced’ breathing. This is where the four phases of breathing (Inhalation time – Full inhalation hold time – Outbreath time – Full exhalation hold time) are each done according to a set time.

Where these 4 phases have the same length of time it is called square breathing or boxed breathing. For example 4 secs inhale, 4 secs hold, 4 secs exhale, 4 seconds hold.

Heart Rhythm Breathing requires the paced breathing to have a regular beat to it. (This can be like inhale 4 seconds, hold 1 second, exhale 4 seconds, hold 1 second) 

What then makes it work is the visualisation feeling and intent that you add to it.

The trick is to reach the fourth stage of learning – unconscious competence with the physical breathing such that you do not have to think about it anymore – you have done it for so long it just happens.

At that stage you can then just concentrate on the visualisation and the feeling and the intent. Not easy, but certainly easier when you don’t have to think about counting and timing your breathing.
In regards to what we now know about the need for resonance when meditating at symmetrical earth energy nodes, there is actually more we need to add to this methodology.

Heart Rhythm Breathing meditation now needs to be done in a resonance with the harmonics of the ultra-low frequencies at these nodes during the harmony times.

That sounds hard to achieve, but actually the solution is quite simple but it comes at the price of needing a little bit of physical heart fitness.

What I mean by this is having a high HRV and not a low HRV.
HRV is Heart Rate Variability and it is a very accurate measurement of the time it takes between your heart beats. It is not a pulse rate as it is a measure over time and an indication of how quickly your heart can increase its beat and how quickly it can reduce its beat.

Heart fit people can get their heart rates high quickly and that rate drops quickly down to normal.

Every cell in our body has intelligence and muscles have muscle memory. This means they can form habits and to improve heart rate health and improve fitness, this muscle memory need to be broken and the only way to do this is to aerobic exercise.

Fast walking will do this – anything to get your heart rate higher.  As soon as you have a higher heart rate you can stop and be still and get your heart to learn a new habit of reducing its beat faster than normal.

The reason why this is important is that our heart beat must be able to easily move intuitively to an increasing drum beat when we breathe in and out to the same beat. The problem some people will face, if they have low HRV is that their heart muscle habit will inhibit the intuitive increase in their heart beat up to a level of resonant beat.

One of the wonders of this World that we have found at sacred sites at harmony times is what happens when groups of drummers start drumming. They start to beat their drums and move into a state of awareness as they try and feel the right beat to be drumming at.

What happens is that the beat slowly increases up to the point when the beat subconsciously feels right. Their internal vibrations become resonant. Their beating of their drums now maintains a steady frequency of a certain number of beats per minute.

When measuring the drum beats per minute we find it is an exact, higher harmonic, octave of the underlying fundamental basal beat frequency of the energy lines.

This stable drum beat is what meditators at nodes need to hear in order to move their breathing into resonance with these earth energies.

One of the things that has been discovered by ‘Pulmonauts’ (Breathing experts that practice breathing techniques) is that we know that there are ways of breathing that can also increase our heart beats intuitively.
Paced resonant breathing, along with the drumming, now forms one part of the physical basis for group meditation.

All that is then required is the physical movement and the addition of the visualisation, and guided loving intent.

Having read this far into the newsletter, you can perhaps now see how Puran Bair’s heart started to emit far higher numbers of photons of light and how luminosity might also be brought about.

This is really only a short distance away from complete enlightenment that is talked about.
Because the meditator was following a Sufi methodology, and because it relates to the theme of this newsletter and where I am heading with why the Cabal had to discredit Michael Jackson, I want to now write about some of the relevant principles from one of the Sufi orders.

These can then be thought of along with the previous information on ‘heart centred awareness’ we read about from Nirmala.
Principles of the Naqshbandi Path

In the Naqshbandi Sufi Order of Islamic mysticism there are eleven principles and I want to mention three of them that are relevant to this newsletter.

These principles are sometimes called the secrets of the Naqshbandi. Their sacred words are said to be guidelines to a spiritual practice that encourages certain states of being.

The foundation of Naqshbandi path is Hush dar dam – (meaning awareness of the breath and the moment). It begins with breathing, but more importantly, being in the moment with your breathing.

The first of the 11 principles that I would like to mention is Yad kard (meaning Remembrance). This is about achieving an awareness of the heart that helps a person attain a higher consciousness.
This Remembrance refers to the remembrance of this heart awareness as it spreads throughout ones being before rising up to one’s soul to the realm of secrets and the hidden.
The second of the principles I want to mention is called Niqah dasht (meaning Attentiveness) This is about being mindful and watchful of all our thoughts and actions, good and bad, outside of meditation as these affect our hearts and make joining with the divine harder.
Sufism is about knowing the power behind safeguarding the heart from bad thoughts and actions.

Attentiveness is about guarding the special heart awareness and remembrance reached so that nothing else finds its way into the heart mind.
Success is when thoughts appear but find no hold on the heart mind.
It is here that we can now see how important it is for us to be mindful what we watch and read and how we allow ourselves, and more specifically our hearts, to be influenced.
The reason is that the E’apa – the deceivers, know full well that if they can get negative emotions to take hold in our hearts, they can stop the evolution of consciousness.
This is why there are so many movies on war with killing people, why there are some many angry songs and sick books written and why our children are victimised in childhood to suppress the growth of any feelings – good or bad. This is why they sew chaos everywhere as this leads to anger, fear, sadness and despair.
If these negative emotions find no hold on our heart mind, we will succeed.
It is as simple as this, if enough of us instead hold the feeling of love in our hearts, no matter what is thrown at us (no hold on the heart mind) – we will all move onwards and upwards and there is nothing the demonic One World Wanabee’ controllers can do about it.
The 3rd principle I want to mention is Wuquf-i-qalbu (meaning Awareness of the heart.)

This is the final principle on this particular Sufi path and it is here that the heart begins to become aware of God.

This is the awakening of divine love within and when a person becomes aware that they themselves are the final obstacle that must be overcome in their final transformation. Some of you may well see the similarities here with Jung’s individuation and the path of individuation. They are all the Sacred path.

The ego, any fear of sacrifice and surrender is gone because it is possible to now see and feel the infinite gain from this divine love as the heart feels in no need of anything else aside from this truth.

This heart consciousness is its connection with the divine in a way that nothing else exists except the awareness of the divine and the heart itself in the subtlest of ways.

This awareness of the heart is the very essence of the aim and intention behind these principles.

In many ways these principles are mirrored in different religions, cultures and belief systems all over the World.

This is the sacred path we must follow that will lead us towards our evolution of consciousness.

This now leads us back to Michael Jackson and the main reason, to my mind, why he had to be discredited.

Why Michael Jackson had to be discredited – part 3

The reason is Love and holding the heart sacrosanct.

This is the real reason they had to stop people listening to his songs. Their war on humanity is really a war against our spirituality and our evolution of consciousness.

They are after the control over our hearts.

Have a read of the some of the words from this song below. Consider, but only briefly, just how annoyed the cabal must have been to find so many hearts around the World singing out together with this music.

You see, somehow, Michael Jackson knew about the importance of Remembrance and heart awareness.

I would invite you now to read some of the lyrics from his next song and to then listen to it.

This time try and listen to it with your heart. Feel it there by outwardly expressing love into the World and notice what happens.
Heal the World
And ah, say we want to make it a better place for our children
And our children’s children so that they know it’s a better world for them
And think if they can make it a better place
There’s a place in your heart
And I know that it is love

There are ways to get there
If you care enough for the living
Make a little space
Make a better place
Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me, and the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for you and for me
If you want to know why
There’s love that cannot lie
Love is strong
Having read these words now listen to his song with heart centred awareness sending love out into the World
If, having done that, you are experiencing activation in all your body’s awareness centres, you are on the way of discovering something quite phenomenal – The more you try and give out love, the more that seems to come back in.

In Summary

Nigah dasht (Attentiveness) is one of the principles of the Sufi order of Islamic mysticism.  We must be mindful and watchful of all our thoughts and actions, good and bad, outside of meditation as these affect our hearts and make joining with the divine harder.

Knowing ourselves helps us come closer to knowing the Divine. Sufism is about knowing the power behind safeguarding the heart from bad thoughts and actions.
Attentiveness is about guarding the special heart awareness and remembrance so that nothing else finds its way into the heart mind.
Preserving the heart mind this way for long enough leads to all bad thoughts having no hold on and no negative effect on the heart mind whether they are witnessed or not.  Success is when thoughts appear but find no hold on the heart mind.
We must protect the heart mind by not watching violence but instead fill it with love and fun and peace and positive expectation and self-esteem.
Having mentioned about what we should try to avoid watching, it brings me nicely to the next section and what I hope you will like watching.

Social Media

If you have been on the home page of my website recently you will have read that the Sacred Network funding reached its target of £10,000 in under 7 weeks and had a final rush of donations in the last week before the deadline of an extra £5,000.

Thank you so much for all who donated and I know that having shut off the donations, many of you still wanted to donate. My apologies to those people but it was felt that we had more than enough to get what we needed to do from the start and the remaining money will help fund the running costs of the site for the next month or two.

What has been finished already is the main functioning of the website with member pages and private and public group pages with their own discussion forums all working well together. An events and free booking system has been added for both onsite and online group meditations and with capped numbers (which is necessary for some sites that have limited capacity/spaces for people to gather around). This will hopefully allow sites to run back to back meditations without overcrowding at the popular sites. Remember here that the harmony times are now around 15 days long and moving to be all year round by Dec 2024 so there will be many good days for group meditation.

Members will also be able to start their own groups and join others.
The map with the sacred sites is up and I have to input the details of all the accessible sites that I have come across around the World so far. That may take a month or two but won’t hold up the launch as these can and will be added on an ongoing basis.

There are still some back end work to be done and general page design and we are working on an indexing search system that assists with interconnectivity between groups.

When this is all done there will be some initial testing before migrating it all on to the decentralised encrypted blockchain database when we will do some final testing before the first 200 people who donated will get the first chance to go on and set up their own members page and start groups and events.

I will keep you updated as often as possible on the progress we are making.

Three videos

For the rest of this section, I want to recommend three short videos for you to watch for three reasons.

The first short video is titled ‘We are kept in a permanent state of fear and uncertainty – one crisis after another’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE4XPDHg0_k (10mins)

It is presented by a rising star called Neil Oliver. If you are not aware of Neil, you will love his Scottish accent and command of the vernacular. He also has a strong background in History and Archaeology but here he is talking about something I feel is very relevant to the theme of this newsletter.
Compellingly he raises the really important point of choices we make and that the difference between good and not so good is within us.

You can quite easily see her that there are some who would wish to control what our hearts experience but we must be attentive and hold Nigah dasht within our heart mind.

So do sit back and enjoy Neil’s take on all of this. He really is a breath of fresh air and the World would be a better place if there were more people who watched and listened to his perspective on life.
The second short video, I would like to recommend is from Gary Michael Vasey who lives in Czechia (formerly the Czech Republic and part of Czechoslovakia)

Gary and his partner Eva have recently been enjoying tracking the energy lines near to where they live in Brno. I have added this video really for those people who have done my dowsing courses as they will appreciate the passion of the hunting of these energy lines and what they can lead us to finding.

If you have an interest in anything to do with the Knights Templar, his work should also really interest you as he has been coming across several 12th century Knights Templar chapels that have these energy lines running through them.

The reason these places are of interest is that these are locations that have been behind the old Iron curtain and for many years were left unstudied as it was land controlled by the old Soviet Union. Some of the features, murals and sculptures in and on the chapels offer us even more clues as to the Templars and what they were doing.

In short, it is now extremely obvious they knew about the Leylines and Gary has now called the main energy line running through Czechia ‘The Templar Ley’. Unsurprisingly it crosses Europe and exits into the Atlantic at La Rochelle – a Templar stronghold.

The title of Gary’s video is ‘Earth Energy Lines and Churches – Some Type 3 Line Examples’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPWKAJXLKWw (5mins)
This is just one of many videos he has produced so dig a little on his you tube page for anything that might draw your attention.

The third short video I want to recommend to you comes from two good friends of mine Michael and Tim but with the help of others too.

For me this is not only a lovely sound with filming of some of the lovely views found around Glastonbury Tor, it is also something that has one strong message. That some of it came through ‘clairaudiently’ adds to its timeliness as well.

I have gone on several times in my newsletters about how the concept of duality has been corrupted with its association of the theory of opposites.
There is an expression ‘Divide in order to conquer’ and for centuries it has been used to divide us all. Good and Bad, Light and Dark, Right wing and Left wing, Republicans and Democrats.

When we fall into the trap of accepting that there are opposites (there are not) we are more easily manipulated away from the truth.

The truth is that our mind survives after death and that we are all on a journey of learning, development and growth (If you have not read my blue print on life it is in my February 2021 newsletter – click here for that).

This growth is all about becoming a better person and this is much more likely to be all about how good a person we are.

So the thinking here is that, if there no such thing as a ‘Bad’ person. We, we can instead see them as having less goodness in them than perhaps that other people.

This implies there are varying degrees of goodness within all of us.
Goodness can now be possibly seen as a measure of heart resonance capability and how heart centred we are, how much we can develop our heart mind even.

With the science mentioned earlier on the meditator, it could even be possibly measured by the amount of photons we could emit from our hearts.
You will understand why I mention all of this when you listen and watch their video. It is titled

‘The Wisdom, Mystery and Magic Band – The Falling Spire’
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-kjWT1alsQ  (5mins)
This now brings me to the 4th Michael Jackson song and….

Why Michael Jackson had to be discredited – part 4

This one was actually written by Michael and Lionel Ritchie working together. It is titled:-

‘We Are the World’ and it was written as a song by the U.S.A. for Africa.
Here are just some of the words from the lyrics you might like to read before listening to it:-
We’re all a part of God’s great big family
And the truth, you know, love is all we need
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making

We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSU8lS9l2eo – Solo version

You can perhaps see that now Michael was looking to unite mankind by bringing people together and highlighting that we are all just one big family – not divided at all – but instead a family recognising that love is all we need.
The latter being a phrase you may remember that was written by another person whose life was taken away far too early – John Lennon & his song ‘All you need is Love’.

You see if we all learn to get along with one another, we won’t need to be ruled.

If we don’t need to be ruled, we won’t need centralised government – A decentralised World, with many around a thousand communities each competitively trying to make their location the place where people want to live, becomes the end result.

(If you have not read my about waterhole management analogy you can read that in my December 2020 newsletter – Click here for that)


The image above is looking North over of the beautiful Glastonbury marshes – not a site you might perhaps associate with Glastonbury but one well worth a visit. This is an image taken in the Ham wall bird reserve (Thanks Tim G. for the tip to go here) 

Imagine, for a moment, you are a migratory bird who has made a long trip back to this country for the Summer.

You would feel totally protected, surrounded by other types of birds, including many of your own, and every bird is existing together with the harmony nature intended. Yes there are the birds of prey, but they help maintain the balance.

It would be a comforting relaxing peaceful feeling to return here.
My wife and I sat here, where this photo was taken, listening to the abundant sedge warblers, watching the Egrets and enjoying the freedom expressed as all varieties of birds flew around us overhead.

It got me to thinking about freedom and how precious it really is to feel. This led me to thinking how hard that feeling was to experience for so many people in the World today and why.

You see the birds here have the freedom to sing, to soar and to fly wherever they wish. This is what our World could be like – should be like – and can be like.

In the 1970’s the writer Allen Collins wrote some incredible lyrics. Ronnie Van Zant, the singer who helped turn those words into an amazing song described it like this.

“It’s about what it means to be free, in that a bird can fly wherever he wants to go. Everyone wants to be free.”

His song became an enormous hit in 1974 more than a year after it was originally released. Here are just some of these lyrics.

“If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on now
‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see
But if I stay here with you, girl
Things just couldn’t be the same
‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now
And this bird you cannot change
Bye-bye, baby, it’s been sweet love, yeah, yeah
Though this feelin’ I can’t change
Please don’t take it so badly
‘Cause Lord knows, I’m to blame
If I stay here with you, girl
Things just couldn’t be the same
‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now
And this bird you cannot change

It remains Lynyrd Skynyrd’s signature track and one of the cornerstones of the classic rocks songs of the last few decades. 

Its title is, of course, ‘Free Bird’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0W1v0kOELA (9 mins)

In the spirit of the theme of this newsletter, try and feel this soaring, uplifting, peaceful freedom in your hearts as you listen to it and remind yourself that we are all really free and that we only change when we want to change. In other words one else can make us change – it is up to us to evolve our consciousness.

It is this that makes this song so empowering and for me and, listening to it, it helps me realise just how much this feeling is such an important part of the choices we make in life.

As humanity heads towards our evolution of consciousness, we will need to feel that freedom in order to make the right choices in life to change ‘who we are’ now to ‘who we need to be’ in the near future.

This is all about being prepared for transformation. Remembering this song and those of Michael Jacksons will help us along that path.

A footnote – Ronnie Van Zant predicted that he would not live beyond the age of 30 and unfortunately he was killed in an aeroplane crash in 1977 along with a few of the other members of the band. Death as we know though is not the end – just another beginning.
Spiritual awakenings are not usually pleasant. Often they feel like confusion, frustration, anger, despair, sadness & grief. They are uncomfortable and challenging as they are an intense time of personal growth.

Feeling free & knowing you not going crazy will help you make the right choices though.
I want to end this newsletter by giving you, what I think, is a glimpse of how the future could look like.

Some of my time is spent finding sacred sites and repairing them. There are many small energy line intersections but, due to the density of these energy lines, we find typical numbers of nodes in a given area.

To find and intersection on a person’s land is fairly rare if it is a small piece of land. However, when I do large geobiological surveys – for retreats for example that cover several hundred acres- it is more common to find these nodes and even, occasionally, a larger node.

Having found these places, the guardians/owners of the land tend to have their own ideas on how to enhance that special space with various types of architecture.

It is important to treat these places in a sacred manner and building a protective space in these areas is both desirable and logical.

What we need to be considering in the future is what should be done with the really large 1st and 2nd order nodes in the World.

One of the long term aims of the Sacred Network is raise money in order to build large pilgrimage centres on the accessible 1st and 2nd order nodes. Groups of people who have become accustomed to meditating together should be able to visit these places to step up their learning and development. As the Sacred Network grows in size and numbers, we will start another much larger fund raising campaign to help bring these very powerful sites up to the point where hundreds of  people can meditate on them every day.

One of the most exciting things we have been finding is that once a group has experienced meditation on much more powerful energies it opens up their channels in ways that are long lasting. Even future meditation between the group online and away from one another, will lead to the same high energy levels being experienced. It is as though they are still at that node as a group.

This makes these 1st and 2nd order nodes learning centres as well as meditation centres and healing centres and we don’t need to be constantly at these places at all. Indeed just one or two visits in a lifetime might well be enough.

You might like to imagine the following:-

You and your friends are standing in a circle about to start your own particular group meditation routine. You look around you and see the labyrinthine path you have just walked, a path that has raised your levels of expectation to the extreme.

You stand barefoot & grounded on a white shiny marble floor looking up at a blue cloudless sky. Around you & to the West you see distant mountains over the top of the long white 18 foot high circular wall that surrounds you all. Its twelve giant arches allow you to see the fruit trees and the flowers in the fields that encircle this sacred space.

Just inside the circular wall the marble stone flooring dips down several feet and then back up again to gently highlight the round platform with the labyrinth that you are standing on at the centre.

Crystal clear water runs deep around this central platform amplifying the energy of the place. Behind, to the side and to the front of you, four minimal bridges reach across the water to where you stand where you see the next group waiting patiently & holding space for you.

A gong sounds and you hear the beat of several drums begin behind you. You all breathe in together, tuning in to the energies.

Leaving all thoughts of the support complex around you, the assistance they have given to you and your group and even forgetting the synchronicity of how you all came to be here, you drift into a deep meditative state of love.
It would be truly wonderful if there were several sites like this around the World where people could go to. We know the locations where these should be, it is now just a matter of when they should come about. Timing is everything and we just have to tune in to know when to begin that next stage of human progress.

On a slightly smaller scale however you might like to consider your own sacred space – either on your land or at a place near to you.

Just establishing some architectural presence at that location will help bring about a general respect for the place and that will be enough for successful ceremony.

Enhancing these spaces like these through architecture is now being taken new levels by a friend of mine and I want to now take the opportunity to introduce you to him and his work in case you might like him to help with your local sacred place.

Mark has studied a wide range of related subjects, including having done my own dowsing courses and his expertise has led to his new business of offering a unique, nature based design program that specialises in enhancing these special places.

He calls it Aikyam which is Sanskrit for harmony, oneness and unity.
His company Aikyam specialises in creating environments which nurture wellness and support the transformation of consciousness, upgrading the frequency of your home, workplace, yoga studio, meditation centre, retreat or clinic.

It can protect your space from the effects of detrimental ‘earth energies’ and connect your space to it‘s ecosystem & to the healing power of nature.
Essentially it creates an authentic sacred space that is in harmony with the innate energies of the landscape.

Amongst other things, Mark is an expert in harmonic design, sacred space building, environmental bioenergetics and interior architecture with experience in the European Tradition of Sacred Building. He is a BioDesigner,  Architecture + Design Interior Architect/Designer with 25 years of international experience in the Yogic Traditions Kaula SriVidya / SiddhaMaha Yoga / Kashmir Shaivism / Nada Yoga Harmonic Science Sacred Geometry, Biofield mechanics, Radiesthesia & Geobiology.

If this is of interest to anyone, please click here to download a pdf that tells you more. Whether you are looking for a special place to meditate in your garden or developing a retreat where people are continually returning to, it may be worth your while reading more about his work.
This now brings me closer to the end of this May/June newsletter. They are going to have to be every two months for a while because of the increasing amount of work that is now coming in – again this is something I am extremely grateful to many of you for.

Although these are free newsletters, it is always appreciated even if you just buy one or two of my books. They can be found on my website https://roryduff.com/ under the books menu.


…………………………….I could not possibly end a heart awareness and music themed newsletter without one final song.

In 1986 this was one of the biggest hits ever in Australia. It is a song written by Andy Qunta, Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder & Clive Thompson and recorded by the Australian singer John Farnham.

Being Scottish, I absolutely loved the version with the bagpipes being played in the background. However, instead I have linked you to a version of the song made by an American Rock band called Heart – How could I not.  

The song is called ‘You’re the Voice’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQNxrdlk7-g

The following are some of the lyrics. The words and the video are still incredibly relevant today unfortunately. We really must send a message to the psychopaths that we do not want war.

‘You’re the Voice’
We have the chance to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older
We’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?
You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear
This time, we know we all can stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing we can make it better
Ooh, we’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?
You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear
Ooh, we’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?
You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make the noise and make it clear
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear
You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear
You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We’re not gonna sit in silence (we’re not gonna sit in silence)
We’re not gonna live with fear (we’re not gonna live with fear)
You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear

OK, so my Scottish blood has finally won through here. Here is a version of the song with John Farnham playing with the Melbourne symphony orchestra and yes – with the bagpipes coming in at 2mins 50s – Stirring stuff indeed. So much so that I’m off to put my Kilt on.

“You’re the Voice” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m2m_9Uijso

With blessings and gratitude