Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination – Our MPs repond

The e-petition “Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination” was the subject of a procession of pronouncements by selected MPs in the House of Commons. The transcript of what was said can be dowloaded here:

A consideration of what was said gives two principal takeaways. Firstly the speakers were universally opposed to the mandating of vaccinations on ethical grounds and indeed on the indirect coercion of people who do not do so by preventing access to goods, services or places. That, as far as it goes, was the heartening content. The government’s response to the petition was: “There are currently no plans to place restrictions on those who refuse to have any potential Covid-19 vaccine.” In the debate this was described as a categorical response. It is not my idea of categorical at all.

Secondly, the level of ignorance and much repeated propaganda was alarming. Whether MPs, like so many of their constituents, simply don’t want to know the facts, and prefer to characterise those of us insisting on them as dangerous internet menaces to the saintly vaccine promotion, or whether they do, in fact, understand what is afoot I do not know, but the foolish ignorance on display on the subject of the vaccines being touted to the public was widely displayed.

Elliot Colburn opened the debate with a paean of praise for vaccination, conflating the achievements of Edward Jenner with the modern industry. He asserted: “The standard for testing and monitoring vaccines is higher than for most other medicines.” This is a statement that is untrue and inaccurate. Firstly vaccines are not defined as medicines (although most people make this perfectly reasonable assumption). Some years ago the pharma industry saw to it that they are not so classified. They are actually, as a result, labelled “Biologics”. Which gives rise to the second major untruth, namely that vaccines, as a result of the classification, are not required to pass the same rigorous safety tests as medicines, which have to undergo lengthy safety tests including double-blind placebo tests. When urged to do the same not long ago the vaccine manufacturers indignantly stated that to make that demand that was unethical, if you please! As a result the safety testing of vaccines does not come close to the standards required for other medicines. And the record of deaths and injuries as a result over the years entirely reflects that fact.

The history of the vaccine industry since the 80’s is demonstrably one of big money corrupting public health bodies here in the UK but also and principally in the US, leading western societies into the present dark place in which we find ourselves. Among other very serious’ things,

Congress was persuaded in 1989 to give immunity to legal consequences to manufacturers of vaccines. The damage caused by this to our peoples is difficult to underestimate, but suffice it to say that it is not possible to get an independent study to confirm that vaccines since then have had a net benefit to western populations and a considerable body of evidence that the emergence of a multitude of chronic conditions from relatively unusual to common frequency has been one of the results of the 70 or more injectates that have been so assiduously and cynically flogged to the trusting public. Such conditions, often of the nervous system or immune system, of course require expensive medicines often for the patient’s lifetime for their control, though to call this a virtuous circle of consequences you would need to be a pharma shareholder with no friends or family!

So the modern vaccine industry is not Edward Jenner (though it is worth noting that even Jenner injected his first child subject without disclosing what he was doing – fortune favoured him). Four of the largest of the vaccine manufacturers are convicted felons in the US, and despite the ’89 act of Congress, have shelled out many millions in criminal an other penalties in the last two decades.

Mr Colburn also stated of vaccines “all information relating to their testing, licensing, side-effects and so on is available for public scrutiny.” This is simply not true. Indeed the latest example is from the Denver Post: “Documents published by the two [vaccine] companies [Pfizer and BioNTech] showed that people with a history of severe allergic reactions were excluded from the [clinical vaccine] trials, and doctors were advised to look out for such reactions in trial participants who weren’t previously known to have severe allergies.” Is Mr Colburn aware any more than most other people that the Pfizer vaccines are not to be administered without the immediate availablity of rescuscitation equipment? There is a host of examples of major side-effects including multiple deaths in the case of earlier trials of other vaccines unannouced at the time that can be found with minimal research, so why Mr Colburn’s complacency on the issue?

Not one Member noted the question of disclosure of the ingredients of the vaccines or the worry of patients genetics being permanently altered by the RNA mechanism of the vaccines.

One Member inveighed against the dangerous views of people who oppose the policy of vaccination with these injectates saying he had read a book which he said “expertly demonstrates the lies, the bad science, the personal ambition and everything in between that drives this well-funded and well-organised movement, which has ulterior motives to the ones it claims publicly.” As a classic reversal projection Goebbels could not have bettered this. Not a word about the enormous host of eminent and, most importantly, independent people with far greater qualifications than the SAGE monkeys, or about the Great Barrington Declaration, or the Childrens Health Defence. Our ulterior motives he did not outline for the House, and our funding is a lovely idea!

And so followed a procession of members, all toeing the line of ignorance and propaganda, bizarrely while uttering platitudes supporting the notion that compulsion is repugnant. Anyone reading their words is unlikely to feel the least bit encouraged at the total failure to address the most basic concerns of those of us whom the crooks peddling their wares to us like to call vaccine hesitancy. If you hate lies and the injury of you, your family and your society by ruthless greed it is a badge to be worn with pride.

As we come to the end of 2020 with a lower total mortality in the UK than for 2019, despite the thousands of deaths caused by closure of the NHS to normal patients, our MPs are apparently oblivious to this basic fact, one that gives the lie to the whole Virus Cult, and makes the enrichment of the vaccine manufacturers not only unsafe but totally unnecessary. It is also a fact that does not require an alphabet after your name to understand, any more than most of the facts surrounding this outrage.

This was a dismal display showing how far our ancient democracy has been undermined with mediocre ignorance and intellectual poverty. The assurances given so glibly on compulsion have in my view to be heavily discounted by the rest of the performance. The government and media have lied determinedly in a torrent of rubbish all the way through this attack on the people of Britain, and most of this discussion has the same stink of mendacity.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans