Pulling the Dragon’s tail

As the New Year proceeds with little sign that the tide of lies and evil that is the Virus Cult is receding, a number of dissident commentators are understandably downcast at the seemingly vast numbers of ordinary citizens, who they perceive as accepting the criminal agenda of government and their opportunist cohorts. But I do not believe that this is what is happening.

The arrogant so-called liberals who strutted their way through the last decades, smug in the knowledge that they knew what was best for us all, finally met their come-uppance with the EU referendum in the UK and with the 2016 US election. Populism – the people – became the new dirty word for the likes of Guardian hacks and their paymasters. Evil had over-reached, and now railed against the vulgar ignorance that had shown them the door. The result has been that a corrupt and hitherto occult subversion of western democracies has scrabbled in desperation to restore its former dominant status, and the effort, the assault, has become overt. The crass re-branding of the natural flu seasons was undertaken on a global scale that has allowed it to cripple all the western economies, and the essential falsity of it may not have found major popular resistance so far. But the people are neither fools nor sheep for very long, and woe betide the man, or woman, who forgets that. If the American people, as they did, saw through Hilary Clinton, it would be very unwise to believe that they, or indeed the British, will bow down to the devastation that is proposed by the convergent interests at work for very long.

The government has gone some way to use debt – our own money – to delay what is now going inevitably to happen. The backbone of our economy – the self-employed and entrepreneurial – have been sabotaged comprehensively, and as the spring arrives, the spectacle of millions in advancing poverty set against a public sector class of complacent comfort will start to create real and worrying results. Teachers refusing to work but naturally accepting their salaries are just one egregious example. The thousands of doctors intimidated into silence over the abuse of the fundamental principles of medicine are another.

The militarisation of the Metropolitan Police and the hiring of so-called marshals and thugs to attack demonstrators at a very early stage of all this shows that not only is the police state the intention of government, but that they well know that the sleeping dragon of populism is to be greatly feared.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne-Evans